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The agency conducted a two-year investigation into 35 projects, won by Elios Innovative Zrt, to modernize the country’s street lighting Jan.ET The European Union’s antifraud office is recommending that Hungary’s top authorities take legal action over “serious irregularities” in projects carried out by a company once controlled by the son-in-law of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, the agency told The Wall Street Journal.

The £639,000 Nobel prize for literature has gone to a Hungarian-Jewish former concentration camp inmate whose novels resolutely refuse to portray the Holocaust - or life in general - as a moral issue.For him Auschwitz is not an exceptional occurrence, [not] an alien body outside the normal history of western Europe.

Since I was not aware of the existence of Hungarian rap before being sent a link to a Hungarian rap video I am assuming the medium is still in its infancy.They just simple people.

Many say the golden age of Hungarian cinema was in the 1950s and 60s, when the dictatorship was at its most brutal.As patron of Check the Gate, London's festival of Hungarian film, I can also recommend the film Puskas Hungary, about the great Hungarian footballer.

Dozens of military assault rifles earmarked for use as stage guns on the set of forthcoming Brad Pitt zombie film, World War Z , have been seized by Hungarian police after it emerged they were in full working order.Armed officers yesterday raided a Budapest warehouse being used as a storage centre for the new film.