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bank is quiet on strategic changes for now, but there are big reasons for investors to think beyond Asia Feb.20, 2018 7:28 a.

ET HSBC HSBC -0.1 billion of new loans in Guangdong province that HSBC highlighted in the third quarter may not seem like much compared with total lending growth of $25 billion.

New HSBC Chief Executive John Flint strikes the right match for incoming Chairman Mark Tucker Oct.12, 2017 8:55 a.

The latest HSBC nonsense is no exception.But when they arrive in Canada, she finds that, not only have lovely, caring HSBC moved all the family's furniture over ahead of them, but.

Recently described during a Panorama episode as running a “tax-evasion service”, HSBC needs to apply to its public image all the feelgood Vaseline it can muster.And so to its latest ad, dripping with the milk of corporate kindness, striking up the tinkling piano music and bearing the slogan, “It’s never just business”.

74 per cent, while the highest has been 211.43 per cent.

Bells & whistles: HSBC claims the Isa offers higher potential returns than are available on deposit-based accounts and capital protection if the investment is held for five years.The HSBC Performance Plus Isa uses part of the fund to buy into an interest-rate swap to ensure the return of all original capital invested after five years, even if the FTSE 100 has fallen during this period.

Contact 0800 299299 Aim To provide capital growth by investing in three leading funds.Bells & whistles HSBC says: 'The Three-Fund Isa includes three of the most talked-about funds on the market, from three of the biggest names in the investment world.

The bank is refusing to use an appeal ruling by the ombudsman on the treatment of an HSBC mortgage as an example of how similar cases should be handled.The ombudsman upheld a decision against the bank in favour of a customer who protested when his discounted rate loan continued to be linked to HSBC's old SVR, even though the bank had introduced a new lower "home buyer" rate for thousands of its existing customers.

A major UK bank has today agreed to grant thousands of part-time workers millions of pounds in backdated pension benefits in the first decision of its kind, which is likely to have a knock-on effect for workers in hundreds of public and private sector companies.Employers or ex-employers of the bank must have raised a claim within six months of ceasing employment with HSBC to qualify for the benefits.

From the end of November the bank will cut its standard overdraft rate from an annual rate of 18.8% and will apply the rate to all levels of overdraft, doing away with its 29.

Ever so slowly, the banks are starting to improve their current accounts.HSBC has become the first of the big four to hack into its overdraft rate, abolishing the swingeing near-30% unauthorised rate and introducing one rate, of 14.

We may also phone for specific reasons concerning a customer's account, for example, to warn them that they have exceeded their authorised overdraft limit.The information we ask for might include date of birth, address, and mother's maiden name.

Q I had a new HSBC credit card sent to my branch for collection, but it was intercepted internally and used fraudulently on an internet betting site.Is it against the Data Protection Act that HSBC lost my details?

A fixed rate of 8 per cent interest on a regular savings account described by the bank offering it as the 'market's simplest'?Yes indeed, says savings-market monitor Moneyfacts of the new regular savings account launched today by HSBC.

Q My son has an HSBC account and recently deposited a £90 cheque.He rang HSBC and was told he would have to return to the branch to sort it out.

The company, which has a total of 1,600 branches across the UK, says it has introduced the measure in response to 'customer feedback'.Our customers told us that were unhappy having to wait while non-HSBC customers paid their bills and that's why we have taken this action," says a spokeswoman.

The bank then asked if I could ring my bank, cancel the cheque and issue another one.I asked what would happen if I didn't do this and was told that I would then have received goods without paying and HSBC would have to call the police.

Q In February 2005 I closed my Gold Visa account with HSBC, but in July I received a statement for £272.I contacted HSBC, which confirmed the account had been closed in February, and told me I had to contact the fraud division to deal with this problem.

Q HSBC has recently given me 30 days' notice of its intention to close my current account and credit card account.The only explanation I received was that it was due to "the general way in which I managed my account".