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President Donald Trump's new budget proposal calls for another effort to repeal Obamacare.President Donald Trump 's budget proposal released Monday calls for yet another effort to repeal Obamacare.

That's because the mandate effectively compels millions of people to buy inidividual health plan coverage from Obamacare exchanges.House Speaker Paul Ryantold Fox News on Sundaythat the repeal of the ACA's so-called individual mandate might be included in the GOP's tax bill.

I've read a lot about how happiness lives in our gut (i.e.

Here’s what experts say about when to go with your gut or your rational brain—or some combination of both Oct.ET You have an important decision to make.

I was once picked up by the police on Fatty Arbuckle's front lawn.At the time of his needle ride, 29-year-old Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle was more popular than Charlie Chaplin.

It is the most misused yet also the least interesting of punctuation marks.There is an Apostrophe Protection Society because on signs across the land it is the apostrophe that is most commonly misplaced or omitted: "POTATO'S", "MENS TOILETS".

Lesley Manville (Celia Cain) and Jemima Rooper (Eve Douglas) in Her Naked Skin at the National Theatre.The last time I saw similar audience reaction was in a cinema in 2002, watching Gasper's Noé's nine-minute rape scene in Irreversible.

I can't remember a time when I didn't want to play the piano professionally.If I told someone I wanted to be a musician, they'd nearly always talk me out of it.

What do you do if your last festival courted controversy, outraged traditionalists and only sold out in the final few hours?Emily Eavis dismissed accusations that the festival lineup was heavy on the type of music that dads of a certain age like to listen to in their cars.

I got on a lot better with the opera, though.We've taken lots of long walks, often in heavy rain.

Noises off is itching this week because, like the city of New York, it is being besieged by bedbugs.Yet, as Garrett Eisler at the Playgoer reveals, it seems that help is at hand from New York's legions of out-of-work actors.

To dismiss Giulia Enders' debut work as a "toilet book" would do it great injustice – not least because the author argues that we shouldn't really be reading books in the lavatory anyway.Germans have long had to live with the charge of harbouring an unusually strong fascination with the baser bodily functions.