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They're very, like, 'Hey, little lady, let me get the door for you'.I have four siblings, all actors," says Arquette, who, for years, worked in the shadow of her better-known big sister, Rosanna.

It has been said that if Shakespeare were alive today, he would be in Hollywood writing scripts.So it may be reassuring to discover that at least a part of Hollywood would return the compliment.

A long-running cartoon strip in the Architect's Journal once turned the Royal Institute of British Architects into the Royal Institute of British Animals.Today's Riba members might be humbled to realise you don't need training or even intellect to be an architect.

On stage at the Olympia Theatre a Sikh, two Irish, three African and several English musicians are brewing up a mighty fusion.This is Afro-Celt Sound System and the sonic pot pourri they create blends a variety of ethnic musical styles with contemporary dance beats.

Protraits From The Spanish Civil War By Paul Preston HarperCollins £19.At first glance, it may be supposed that he is subscribing to the Correlli Barnett doctrine, expressed by the then Foreign Secretary, Samuel Hoare, as a 'faction fight'.

The 'prisoners' have their own bars stocked with duty-free booze, and are allowed out on parole to go shopping, drink in the local pubs, play golf, attend the races, go fishing and even pursue romances with local women.The Curragh camp, one of the last and strangest war secrets to be revealed, was a section, known as K Lines, of an Irish Army base.

Loud and clear, they said 'London' to American multiplex audiences, without being clichéd, yet allowing access to familiar tourist landmarks as well.But was this the Notting Hill known and loved by its inhabitants, some of whom are themselves revered landmarks?

Vibraharpist Red Norvo, who has died aged 91, was a convincing promoter of a music that didn't rattle your eardrums.He lightly bore his elegant euphoria around the jazz world for a half century, and won awed silences for his quiet, conversational style that made jazz clubs sound like chamber-recital rooms, except that geniality dispelled reverence.

Diane is more of an absent presence than those other disappeared women of television, Mrs Mainwaring and Arthur Daley's 'Er Indoors.Now, Twin Peaks is so early nineties.

Over the years, she has been eloquent in her rage against most things: bad sex, bad men, bad parents, bad abortions, bad writing, bad families, bad feminists and most recently bad biographers.Christine Wallace's biography has not been welcomed by her subject, who told her quite forcibly to back off and that if Wallace attempted to speak to Greer's elderly mother she would have Wallace 'kneecapped'.

When I approached the publican and asked in a manly voice for "'two Built-Ups, please"', far from reaching towards a private cask, he inquired "'and what the bleeding hell might that be, eh?Actually, no one is better at peddling fantasies about Britain than the British, and with William Hague's call for a more 'brassy' Britain, we're getting a fine crop.

Once again the British 'censor' has felt the full wrath of Middle England - as represented by the Daily Mail - this week.Christopher Tookey, the Mail's film critic, is used to justify the paper's pro-censorship position.

The Almeida have acted boldly in bringing a brace of Racine plays to the West End.Under the direction of Jonathan Kent, the actors and designer who provided a paroxysmic Phedre now supply a dignified, modern-dress Britannicus at the Albery.

Against stiff opposition in this year's inexplicably all-male shortlist, Douglas Gordon deserves the Turner Prize.For the Turner exhibition Gordon projected footage of the actor Frederick March in a 1930s version of Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde, replaying the actor's gruesome transformation scenes from good doctor to evil monster over and over again.

Getting Fiennes's agreement to be interviewed would have taxed the negotiating skills of Henry Kissinger.It's hard not to sympathise with Fiennes's wariness.

Then came chemotherapy, operations and puberty - a self-conscious nightmare for any young woman, let alone one with part of her face missing.If I had a face like that, I told myself - then reprimanded myself for any stirrings of desire.