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Results for Tag "globalisation"

Riot police crack down on Paris protests against labour reforms Read more Is France is on the verge of breakdown?Facebook Twitter Pinterest Why is France being racked by strikes and protests over its labour bill?

When Karl Marx called for the workers of the world to unite, it seems unlikely he had in mind an iPhone boycott.Yet two things have derailed world leaders' attempts to get back to business as usual.

The Philippines is in many ways the perfect place to explore the complexities – both past and present – surrounding the relationship between faith and globalisation.In the past years the Philippines has witnessed a tragic dispute in its Mindanao region, where the majority of Muslims live.

The self-proclaimed grown-ups of New Labour parodied anyone airing anxiety about globalisation as making a childish demand: "Stop the world, I want to get off!The European Union remains the single outstanding example of integration across borders, and yet here too the centrifugal force of national sovereignty is pulling afresh.

As part of the course, the whole class, about 40 students in all, was divided into four groups: "terrorists", "law enforcement", "globalisers", and "anti-globalisers".For me and my fellow "anti-globalisers", however, it was clear that a more difficult task lay ahead.

Next week, at the G20 summit, G8 leaders will work very hard to defend and fortify globalisation – an economic system that has brought about the first fully synchronised global economic failure.There are suggestions that enough has been done to defend globalisation and steer the global economy back to stability.

A decade ago, massive anti-globalisation protests spurred finance ministers from the G20 countries to declare that they would make globalisation more inclusive.Outlined below are five core elements that need to form part of the response to the global crisis, but each carries dilemmas of its own.

Others will simply see what is happening as deeply unfair, and will follow whoever offers the most convincing explanation and solution.This is a battle for the future shape of globalisation.

An insufferable conventional wisdom, asserting that global markets are now sovereign, and that all politics must adapt to what they demand, has broken into pieces, in a few short weeks.It cannot just change its ideological spots, having so much responsibility for what has happened, and having put so much conviction into the New Labour politics of the last 10 years.

It started with a breakfast roundtable discussion, including Mayor Newsom of San Francisco, on how to improve health in cities.Then, a discussion with the World Economic Forum, which organise Davos, on priorities for the "Mayors' Community" they want to build.

I was reminded of this conversation by Jason Burke's article about al-Qaida and globalisation on Cif last week.Jason argued that although some might regard al-Qaida as a case of obscurantist religion battling against globalisation, al-Qaida itself is a product of globalisation: The militants' ideology and language mixes a huge range of historical, nationalist, ethnic, political and religious references to create something entirely [new].

It is more profitable to manufacture goods in poor countries where human energy costs less than in high income countries where workers enjoy decent wages and standards of living.Much of this so called "trade" is not trade at all but the movement of materials within corporations.

The Doha round, initiated in 2001, was the latest attempt to keep the process rolling.The failure to reach agreement on its successor, the Doha round, suggests the era of multilateral trade agreements is coming to an end.

He would like to see the local life, engage in philosophical conversations with fishermen, make documentaries about the syncretic religions of the area.Even though I’ve spent most of my life in Tamil Nadu, Tamil isn’t my mother tongue; I prefer when locals think I’m a vellekari (white woman) with a terrific talent for language.

It would be hard to imagine an event better calculated to assert the US's imperial dominance of the global music business than the 2009 Grammys.Her song Paper Planes supplies the sample – "No one on the corner has swagger like us" – that the tune they're all performing is built around.

Despite Thompson's passionate enthusiasm for Mitford, she offers a balanced and vivacious appraisal of a fascinating if mildly offputting woman.Merely 17 years younger than the USA, the world's first black republic was 'destined to be the cradle of liberty for the African race; now it is the battered pauper of the Americas'.

More than this, however, he also outlines a vision of globalisation that could actually be a force for good, unlikely though its adoption may currently seem.Calder's short book is a useful, sophisticated redescription of Rorty's work, an attempt to unpack what he characterises as Rorty's "suspicion of theorising 'as such' ", contextualising the work by reference to Berkeley, Plato, Wittgenstein and so on.