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More foreign companies were in Beijing’s crosshairs Friday after including regions like Tibet and Taiwan in a list of independent countries on their websites Jan.ET More foreign companies came into Beijing’s crosshairs Friday for including regions such as Tibet and Taiwan in a list of independent countries on their websites, a day after authorities ordered hotel giant Marriott International Inc.

Before you know it, Robin of Loxley has escaped a Turkish (or possibly Saracen) jail, along with improbable Moorish sidekick Azeem.Worse still, Robin takes the scenic route, via Hadrian's Wall – a diversion of another 300 miles.

• Will Rogers announced the winner of the 1935 best director award with the words: "Come up and get it, Frank.• Alice Brady rued her decision not to attend the 1938 Oscars when an unknown man collected the best supporting actress award on her behalf.

OPEN Interactive Feature Interactive Feature: 2016 Election Forecast: Who Will Be President?OPEN Interactive Feature Interactive Feature: 2016 Senate Election Forecast In contrast, less is known about how candidate health concerns affect presidential voting, especially in the case of candidates like Mrs.

But the White House had not, of course, intended to denigrate a man who had stood unswervingly by Bush over Iraq.I am embarrassed to say that I have watched Max Mosley's spanking sessions on YouTube, but at least I can say that I am not alone.

At this point, I'm going to insist that Perry still has a chance – mostly out of spite for conventional wisdom.Watching the debate Thursday morning, I was struck mostly by the lack of economic policy in the economic policy debate.

And when they ask me who is the president of Ubeki-beki-beki-beki-stan-stan, I'm going to say you know, I don't know.The journalist asked: "So you agreed with President Obama on Libya or not?

On Monday, the Obama campaign condemned Mitt Romney's series of global gaffes.There's another way that Romney's fumbles are foreign: most Americans can't imagine being in a situation where such cross-country mistakes are possible: We're a nation of stay-at-home mobs.

She didn't actually say it (she wasn't a lesbian either), but they still chopped off her head.But today the image-shaping PR men are in a constant battle with YouTube, iPhones and Twitter.

Is political evil worse when it is concealed and its perpetrators ashamed, or when it is committed openly and publicly?In a radio interview, Abbott said of Islamic State (Isis) that, “The Nazis did terrible evil but they had sufficient sense of shame to try and hide it.

Immediately following the November election, many of us vowed that we would never normalize the Trump presidency, that we would never allow his mindless, kleptocratic style of governance to seem acceptable, ordinary, quotidian.Recently, I watched the brilliant British mentalist and magician Derren Brown demonstrate the power of misdirection and distraction.

1: In July 2009, Darren Bent of Tottenham berated his boss Daniel Levy on Twitter – putting him in line for an £80,000 fine.2: In October 2009, England cricket all-rounder Tim Bresnan hit the expletive button on Twitter after being ribbed by a fellow user about his weight.

While most commentators acknowledge that social media is the way to reach this younger demographic, the last election saw only 44% of young people between 18-24 turn out to vote, despite significant use of social media by all the main parties.However, to date, politics in the UK has had a rocky ride on social media.

Bigotry is one of the few things in the royal family that is, thankfully, not hereditary.According to the diaries of the late Woodrow Wyatt, the Queen Mother thought the former apartheid leader PW Botha got a bad press.

The lord chancellor, Lord Irvine, and the lord chief justice, Lord Bingham, yesterday launched the first section of the equal treatment bench book, aimed at increasing judges' sensitivity to issues of race and their awareness of Britain's multi-cultural society.Both were "depressingly low figures" which represented "damaging perceptions," he said.

Best assault by Mr Blair on the Tory leader: Mr Hague had nagged him to read out the results of his focus groups.The prime minister replied with the focus groups' views on Mr Hague, "boring, false, irritates me greatly, pathetic drip, nonentity, no substance, no personality, a waste of time".

Oliver Letwin, the Conservative who blew a hole in the Tory general election campaign by revealing he wanted to see £20b of spending cuts, has gaffed again with an admission that the party is "nowhere near" regaining the public's trust.That isn't something we are going to be able to do in a week or a month or a year.

Alastair Campbell's reputation as a master of media hype has itself been hyped and, like most hype, has been followed by inevitable disappointment.Since Labour's second election landslide in 2001 there has been a series of mishaps: · Jo Moore did not resign after her "good day to bury bad news" email of September 11 because No 10 did not want the media to get her scalp: it prolonged the row · The question of baby Leo Blair's MMR jab was turned into a controversy over No 10's refusal to say (unlike other ministers) on privacy grounds · No 10 initially claimed Labour donor Lakshmi Mittal, whose bid to buy a Romanian steel works got Tony Blair's backing, was a British industrialist - he is not · Stephen Byers was encouraged to stay in office despite growing controversy which followed his decision to put Railtrack into administration · Pornographer turned Daily Express owner Richard Desmond's £100,000 donation was defended on the grounds that Labour does not make moral judgments about the people who support it · Campbell is seen by TV crews interrupting Tony Blair during his BBC Newsnight interview with Jeremy Paxman · Blair tells Paxman he is saying nothing new about his wait and see policy on the euro.

Just prior to IDS' victory in the Tory leadership battle, a poll conducted by the Mirror reveals that he is less recognisable than Dolly the sheep.Even a third of the Tory faithful failed to identify Mr Duncan Smith when shown his picture.