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Results for Tag "fund"

It is tempting to say I told you so, but I don't feel smug – just utter despair – at the decisions made by Arts Council England over who does and does not benefit from its £40m Sustain fund.Meanwhile, smaller organisations have been turned down even when they have been backed to the hilt by regional arts council offices.

This is England director Shane Meadows will make his television debut with a new drama series based on his award-winning film, in what will be one of the first beneficiaries of the extra £20m being pumped into Channel 4 drama following the axing of Big Brother.Meadows's original film, which was made through Channel 4's movie arm Film4, told the story of a group of characters in 1982 England, winning him a Bafta for best director.

The Wedgwood Museum in Barlaston, Staffordshire, has been awarded the £100,000 Art Fund prize for museums and galleries at a ceremony in central London this evening.The result is even more impressive because the building, which tells Wedgwood's story via original ceramics, manuscripts, factory equipment and models, only opened last October, after nine years of planning and fundraising.

I'm a bit late off the starting blocks with this one: you're probably all aware that in the same week that Arts Council England saw an immediate £4m cut in its budget, it announced a new £40m open fund for arts organisations suffering because of the economic downturn.With applications open from 1 June, the Sustain fund will be available over the next two years (or until the money is spent) and give grants between £75,000 and £3m to arts organisations hit by the recession.

The good news is that the National Heritage Memorial Fund, after a meeting yesterday, has committed £10m to the National Gallery and National Galleries of Scotland campaign to purchase Titian's Diana and Actaeon, which is being sold for £50m.The feeling I'm getting from the National Gallery is one of reasonable confidence, if not absolute certainty, of success.

Especially if, like me, you thought short-selling was something done by leisure-wear chains in summer.It can be hard to maintain good cheer when faced with mounting debts and the perplexing colour dialectic between Alistair Darling's hair and eyebrows.

Photograph: TwoFour I thought I knew what was going on in the Home Office.And I've made loads of films with Home Office approval, but never with its actual financial backing.

Comedians and benefits are as classic a pairing as peaches and cream - one mention of charity gala to gagsters and they are tripping over each other to demonstrate that they do indeed have hearts and are prepared to perform for a good cause.Sunday's fundraiser to aid research into childhood cancer sees a stellar lineup of three Jos: taboo-busting, middle-class warrior Jo Brand, character actress par excellence Jo Neary and the pint-sized Jo Enright.

Photograph: Felix Clay Fantastic news that the Art Fund has decided to grant five regional galleries and museums £1m each over five years for the purchase of international contemporary art.Now what's needed is for state funders to match the dynamism of the Art Fund not only in terms of political support, but in terms of dosh.

A tax accountant embezzled $10m (£5.1m) - was invested in three horror movies: Killer Instinct (with Corbin Bernsen and Dee Wallace-Stone), The Sculptress (starring Lawnmower Man's Jeff Fahey), and Heart of Stone.

JK Rowling has made a "major" cash donation to help set up a research centre for multiple sclerosis.The fight against the disease has been close to Rowling's heart since her mother died of complications from rapidly progressive multiple sclerosis (MS) at the age of 45.

The categories included seven age groups (as in Shakespeare's seven ages of man) starting with "0-5" and ending with "60-plus"; seven social groups such as "tourists", "refugees and asylum seekers" and "people with disability"; and 10 racial groups.In the normally understood meaning of the word, "access" to it is already universally available.

He is a powerful US Republican who, like every powerful US Republican with an election in the offing, needs to do a little fundraising.But Rick Santorum's plans to drum up cash on the sidelines of U2 gigs have not impressed the band.

A film company which asked Catherine Cookson fans to stump up £3.Festival Films decided to turn to Cookson's fanbase after ITV bosses turned down a pitch to finance and screen a new mini-series.

The US withdrew its request when Australia's official said that although he supported the museum idea it should be left to the Iraqis to decide.The British move was just one of several instances in which Dfid either blocked or amended last-minute US attempts to spend Iraq's oil money before the new government took office.

A government adviser has clashed with ministers and a council leader today over the need for a dedicated fund to improve Britain's streets and communities.Speaking at the Guardian and Observer's Liveability conference in London today, Professor Power called for a "clear ring-fenced street conditions budget" to ensure that councils put more money into supervising and maintaining public spaces.

The Film Council has announced a new £1m fund, which will help pay for distribution costs of British films.The fund is intended to make sure that more cinemagoers have access to homegrown films.

The actor Ewan McGregor accused the British film establishment yesterday of slapping him in the face by refusing funding for his latest, critically acclaimed movie.Young Adam, a thriller based on Alexander Trocchi's beat generation novel set in Glasgow, contains McGregor's most compelling performance since Trainspotting and is one of the favourites for a prize in the Un Certain Regard (special consideration) section of the festival.

Like me, you have spent 14 months considering evidence from elderly people.Poor people who are getting completely inadequate help at the moment; the number of elderly people living at home getting any state help is actually going down.

The South Australian government will contribute nearly $1 million to help bring a Cooper Basin gas project to market with the exploration company also shifting its head office to Adelaide from Sydney.SA Mineral Resources Minister Tom Koutsantonis said the move showed the state was becoming the 'centre of nation's gas sector' due to the right geology, investments and correct regulatory frameworks.