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Results for Tag "french"

The book is recommended as a suitable text for pupils by France's national centre for teaching documents, the CNDP.Fifteen anonymous complaints had been made by parents to the local public prosecutor's office, claiming the teacher was diffusing 'pornographic literature'.

In Bilbao earlier this year, the French artist Matthieu Laurette bought a car worth just over 1m pesetas.Why isn't French contemporary art very well known or in much demand in Britain?

A season celebrating British film is set to open in Paris this week in the hope it will raise interest in British cinema amongst French movie-goers.The five-month long festival, called Typiquement British will feature a broad range of over 200 British films, from Monty Python to the Hammer horror films.

His big break came in 1969 when he made Les Choses de la Vie (The Things of Life), a story about a middle class man who begins to re-examine his life after a car accident.Emmanuelle Beart and Gerard Depardieu, and won a Cesar, the France's top film prize, in 1996 for his last film Nelly et Monsieur Arnaud.

It's rather different, however, when the subject is a cinematic no-hoper as is the case in Chris Smith's documentary American Movie, a touching, amusing and troubling excursion into independent cinema of a gothic kind.His triumph is becoming the star of Smith's American Movie just as the ultimate vindication of Wood's life resides in becoming egregiously bad and the subject of a Tim Burton film.

Controversial French film Baise-Moi - which translates as Fuck Me - has effectively been banned from cinemas in its home country after a damning lawsuit brought by French family values association Promouvoir.Directed by Virginie Despentes (pictured), the film is about women who storm across France killing their sexual conquests.

By his own admission, Mick Jagger was not a model schoolboy: he was far too interested in music and the local girls' school to waste time studying.So his invitation back to Dartford Grammar School to unveil a new performing arts centre bearing his name smacks of hypocrisy.

Heather Graham is to take the lead role of a lonesome New Yorker in a remake of a 1996 French film about a woman hunting her lost cat through the city.A Hollywood rejig of last year's madcap Parisian comedy Le Diner de Cons is already on the cards.

Because she's Leonardo DiCaprio's amorous backpacking pal in The Beach, the new film from the makers of Trainspotting.Ever since the announcement was made last year that she would be the beautiful French traveller in the screen adaptation of Alex Garland's novel (Virginie Who?

Robert Bresson, the legendary film director whose unique style redefined French cinema, has died.A film-maker famous for his austere style, Bresson believed that the most poignant stories were best told with images.

France's leading film directors have fallen out publicly over a proposal to censor reviews of new productions.It follows the worst year for receipts for French films in recent history, with Hollywood taking 64% of the box office and France's films accounting for 27%.

It was a recruiting poster for the French foreign legion, depicting a shaven-headed legionnaire, thrusting his jaw desertwards, his bullish features glaring with determination from under his kepi.The one that directly concerns it is Claire Denis's film Beau Travail.

In Chris Menges's new film, The Lost Son, Daniel Auteuil plays a French private eye in London.As he puts it: 'It's a good job I don't share the lives of most of the characters I play.

So far most of the attention attracted by the film has been for its star - the penis of the Italian porn actor Rocco Siffredi.Seul Contre Tous (I Stand Alone), a film currently showing in British cinemas, makes similar observations about the power of porn.

At the start of the nineties, it seemed easy to conclude that French cinema had run out of steam - that it had become self regarding, complacent, out of touch with cinema's tougher demands.This year's Rotterdam Film Festival has a stronger French presence than usual, and it's the French films that are really causing temperatures to rise.

The French film world held its breath yesterday as Asterix and Obelix against Caesar, the most expensive French-language movie ever made and the first to star the gallant Gaul, opened in 764 cinemas across the country.7 million French cinema-goers - sold more than 5 million tickets in France in 1998.