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The effect of oil prices on the U.Since then oil has doubled, yet the economy has accelerated.

The 17-year-old snowboarder from Southern California affirmed her place as the world’s most dominant female halfpipe artist by dominating at the Olympic Games February 12, 2018 BONGPYEONG, South Korea—The next great American Olympian has officially arrived.Chloe Kim, a 17-year-old snowboarder from Southern California, affirmed her place as the world’s most dominant female halfpipe artist by winning gold in that event in a runaway on Tuesday.

ET AT&T Inc.’s bid to buy Time Warner Inc.

This week's Clip joint is by James Rawson, a TV and web producer specialising in film journalism and based in Doha.If you've got an idea for a future Clip joint, pop and email over to adam.

When the first Disappearing World was screened – visiting the remote Penare tribe of Venezuela to ask, “How long can they survive the onslaught of the developed world?Facebook Twitter Pinterest Dami, Arrada, Zubo and Muko in The Tribe, Channel 4.

But when the neon sign disappeared, the overworked, consistently distracted and famously busy city stopped and paid attention.“The care and interest of these signs is never there when the new owners take over the buildings.

Video The Big Bounce on Staten Island No longer just for kids, trampoline parks in New York are becoming a destination for adults, too.Employees of Fly High on Staten Island demonstrate moves at the indoor space.

The story of Ben Abraham’s burgeoning music career sounds like something out of a movie.“I knew they were singers, but they’ve always been a bit cagey about it,” says Abraham, whose debut album, “Sirens,” was released in the U.

If Britons elected American presidents, Barack Obama would have no worries.He may well call on Germany and France to play a bigger military role in Afghanistan, something in the style of "ask not what the transatlantic relationship can do for you, but for what you can do for the transatlantic relationship".

The news that Google veteran Sheryl Sandberg is joining Facebook as its chief operating officer is intriguing for a number of reasons.Few companies have the power to pull minted execs away from the clutches of the Google troika: Facebook is one.

Microsoft's MSN is following AOL's TMZ and Yahoo's OMG with a 10-letter word: Wonderwall, the joint production of MSN and BermanBraun Interactive going live today.Not so, argues MSN general manager Rob Bennett, who contends that Wonderwall provides a single destination for content scattered across MSN, not something completely new.

It’s time to party like it’s 1999: Apple has patented a flip-phone.Admittedly, the phone depicted in the patent, spotted by AppleInsider, is rather more advanced than 2004’s Motorola Razr.

“If we did this,” the company’s late president Satoru Iwata said in 2011, “Nintendo would cease to be Nintendo.Scheduled for launch in the spring, the Nintendo Switch is the company’s bid for that hypervalued patch of real estate beneath the television.

At the Methodist chapel above the beach at Polzeath in north Cornwall you can pray, sing, contemplate or - should it take your fancy - hone your skateboarding flips.With help from the district council, the chapel decided to make a plywood skateboard ramp the focus of its building.

4bn (£800m) takeover of a 29% stake in Burger King.3bn, said he selected Burger King because it "stood out as a unique global player" with a "strong heritage".

But while North Korea's now-confirmed successful test of an intercontinental ballistic missile Tuesday may seem like just another in a string of provocative moves by Kim Jung Un's regime, it's not.This latest test now brings the possibility that North Korea could reach Alaska or even some major cities on the U.

David Rubenstein, co-founder and co-chief executive of private-equity giant The Carlyle Group, said Monday he's recently shed his concerns about a U.economic slowdown in favor a "pretty optimistic" outlook.