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Levies don’t go far enough to eliminate reliance on foreign steel and aluminum, suggesting what’s really at work is plain old trade protectionism March 9, 2018 11:28 a.had become too dependent on foreigners for aluminum “that is essential for key military and commercial systems” and slapped a 10% tariff on imports.

’s new headquarters is a massive, ring-shaped office overflowing with panes of glass, a testament to the company’s famed design-obsessed aesthetic.There’s been one hiccup since it opened last year: Apple employees keep smacking into the glass.

11, 2018 7:12 p.ET Intel is quietly advising some customers to hold off installing patches that address new security flaws affecting virtually all of its processors.

9, 2018 3:29 p.ET Days after Advanced Micro Devices Inc.

The news sparked a sell-off in Intel's stock as investors tried to gauge the costs to the chipmaker.In a statement on its website, Apple said all Mac and iOS devices were affected by both Meltdown and Spectre.

is so dominant in its markets that any security flaw in its chips will have only a modest impact on the company in the short-term.The long-term is different, especially if Intel lets its credibility slip.

Despite their differences, the House and Senate tax plans share a similar goal When compared, the House and Senate bills do bear differences.However, both GOP tax plans have a very similar mission: cut taxes on the middle-class and corporations.

16, 2017 5:28 p.ET A bug in the software used to connect the world’s wireless devices could give hackers a new way to snoop on Wi-Fi traffic, sending device manufacturers scrambling to release patches.

Department of Homeland Security on Monday warned of cyber risks associated with a widely used system for securing Wi-Fi communications after Belgian researchers discovered a flaw that could allow hackers to read information thought to be encrypted, or infect websites with malware.The alert from the DHS Computer Emergency Response Team said the flaw could be used within range of Wi-Fi using the WPA2 protocol to hijack private communications.

One method is to explicitly allow “association health plans” that can cover groups of small businesses, pooling purchasing power and lowering costs.Another would be loosening rules on short-term health plans, making them a viable alternative to ordinary policies, which they aren’t now.

Indeed there is even talk of adding voyeurism to the roster of the Commonwealth Games in 2006.It might actually be an event England could win a gold medal in, or at least not embarrass ourselves, which might spare the BBC a few blushes.

Newsweek then ran an article describing Hayes's performance as "wooden and insincere, like he's trying to hide something, which of course he is", before concluding that gay actors can't play straight characters.The blogosphere has previously erupted into debate over actors playing disabled characters and colour-blind casting, and it would be all too easy to regurgitate the line of thought that says: "Actors act.

@AcropolisNow Ocean's Eleven – how did the fliers for hookers, which doubled as the money, get into the [email protected] Ocean's Twelve.

And one of the things we all like about religion, especially De Botton, is the architecture, isn't it?Unless that book is the Bible, or the Qur'an, but certainly if that book is Religion for Atheists.

Another month, another bunch of classics, but then what can else can one expect from you chaps?” begins a letter from the then 16-year-old George RR Martin to Stan Lee and Jack Kirby of Marvel Comics.

The ostensible target of Hermes' wrath is Scottish Investment Trust, which it accuses of not playing fair over a share buy-back.Behind the dispute, however, lies the thorniest problem of the investment trust sector: the discount.