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His phone allows him to manage Lumber Marketing Services, his Hope, Idaho-based business, from a chair lift.His bike helps keep his knees healthy enough to handle moguls and steep and deep runs at his local ski resort, Schweitzer Mountain Resort in nearby Sandpoint.

ET You’re psyched for your first day on a new job—until you arrive and find your new colleagues miserable, the atmosphere stifling or the boss overbearing and obnoxious.Her supervisor on the first job, who had spent time training her, was deeply disappointed, and one manager on her new job pained her even more.

20, 2017 5:30 a.ET Americans are ordering more than ever from Amazon.

Though in many ways Honda's Civic Type R and Civic Si are plenty sporty and flashy from the factory, Honda has now revealed a few ways to make both cars flashier and sportier.All this upgrade love comes in the form of accessory kits, including the "Red Carbon" kit for the Type R and HFP Series kits for Civic and Fit.

6 cubic foot rotating microwave (very small), so I can usually only cook one thing at a time.When using bowls I tried to put them both in opposite corners and they both fit, but one tipped over because of the rotating circle in the middle of the microwave and spilled everywhere.

I have a large container (a hot water urn) that I need to fill with water.I did also try stuffing the urn in the sink, but that didn't work because the sink is too small to fit the urn inside.

This question already has an answer here: How can I “wear in” my shoes without wearing them?All you will need is a hairdryer, a thick pair of socks (or two thinner pairs of socks), and your shoes.

I have a pair of rimless titanium prescription frames.The specific model has been discontinued and I'm stuck with this pair so I need to hack it for longevity.

(NASDAQ:AMD), Fitbit Inc (NYSE:FIT) and Nvidia Corporation (NASDAQ:NVDA) are all showing potential for breakouts over the next week as the earnings continue to roll in.This morning’s move in AMD stock has broken above the top Bollinger Band, indicating that a volatility rally is in the process of initiating.

The decision was made after "hours of arguing," The New York Times reported.Last Thursday, Trump said in a meeting with his top military leaders that Iran had "not lived up to the spirit of their agreement" that aims to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.

Prime minister’s keynote speech is latest difficult episode of her premiership Updated Oct.4, 2017 2:07 p.

Retailer has helped fuel soaring labor and real-estate costs and shortage of space in its Pacific Northwest base Updated Sept.ET Amazon.

The chances are that while you're looking at Gursky's photograph someone will hassle you, cruise you, trip you up when you step back for a better look.Yet Andreas Gursky's huge pictures present us with a chilling vision of the modern world - a world both too big and too spiritually barren for us to feel truly at home in.

After bringing Daphne and Die Aegyptische Helena to the Oxfordshire countryside, they have now re-habilitated an even greater rarity, Die Liebe der Danae, Strauss's penultimate opera.This is the first British production, and the first time the work has been seen in this country since the Bavarian State Opera introduced it to Covent Garden in 1953.

We've already established that there's not many people who want to work with me here.She doesn't work or play with the Britpack crowd and the likes of Messrs Merchant and Ivory wouldn't know what to do with her.

The Danish audience brought blankets to guard against the evening chill, reinforcing Shakespeare's suggestion that,"The air bites shrewdly.It was built to dominate the Oresund Straits in order to levy customs dues, and all traffic lies under the Danish guns.

The Holcroft Covenant features John Tennyson, a European reporter who drops in at the old place: "Tennyson walked through the London offices of the Guardian, receiving the compliments of his colleagues and their subordinates.We must receive your order with payment no later than 30 days after the date of this letter.

And now he is laying into his parents' generation with his second film, Together.I don't think there's any other decade that has that instant comedy.