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Results for Tag "fiddling"

The BBC's creative director, Alan Yentob, has been cleared of any wrongdoing following an investigation into his expenses claims.But the investigation, undertaken by the BBC's chief operating officer, John Smith, led to discussions between Mr Yentob and Mr Thompson about how to "ensure the timely and effective administration of all his affairs".

This is a safe bet, first, because for many years fiddling the figures has been part of the everyday reality of British policing.In 1986 a Kent constable, Ron Walker, went to Scotland Yard with a detailed complaint that 60 of his colleagues had been fabricating phoney detections to improve their crime figures.

Instead of liberalising the law, the government intends to license all live entertainment with what is essentially a none-in-the-bar rule.Overnight, live music "in any place" will be illegal unless a licence or temporary entertainment notice from local authorities is obtained, with all its attendant costs and red tape.

Mr Thayne's report, commissioned by a working group of the Ambulance Service Association, could be embarrassing for the government.The ASA dismissed Mr Thayne's report "as one person's view".

A black officer in the Metropolitan police learned yesterday that he had been cleared of fiddling £80 worth of expenses, ending an inquiry that has cost the force an estimated £1m.The police complaints authority said that it would not be pursuing disciplinary matters against Chief Inspector Leroy Logan, the chairman of the Metropolitan Black Police Association.

Angela Peppiatt, 54, was giving evidence on the third day of Lord Archer's trial on charges including perjury.Among those she said she entertained were Lord Archer's literary agent, Debbie Owen, Lord Tebbitt's secretarial staff, and Lord Archer's friends Michael Stacpoole and Andrina Colquhoun.

On the third day of Lord Archer's Old Bailey trial for deception, his counsel accused Angela Peppiatt of claiming back the cost of meals for herself and lunches with her children as part of her former boss's business expenses.Nicholas Purnell QC also suggested that Mrs Peppiatt had been "paid twice" for lunches at a restaurant near Conservative central office in Westminster.

Wapping screams (and Farringdon Road whispers) that what Britain really, really needs is an immediate general election.There has been only one subject for discussion: foot and mouth.

Here is a former headteacher, now a nationally respected expert on the improvement of schools: "I know that schools have fixed the attendance figures and I believe the government cannot be unaware of it.We found secondary school teachers who are routinely writing the coursework which counts towards their students' GCSE results.

Two MPs yesterday named and shamed 57 authorities for allowing councillors and officials to put in fraudulent housing benefit claims.The MPs reveal that 382 councillors and officials have been caught fiddling the housing benefit system and getting away with an average of £2,200 in fraudulent claims.

You would think he would also be grateful to the press for helping to establish him as a "national treasure".He's quite right about the "choked ponds", except that there's really only one of them.

I stress legal because the news that government advisers want ketamine reclassified from a class C to B drug is more fiddling while the crack pipe burns.The drug wasn't banned until 2006, but someone who gets caught with it will now face up to five years in prison instead of two.

• A congressional vote on the restitution of Manuel Zelaya to the presidency.• Normalisation of relations with the international community, including the reversal of sanctions and the return of humanitarian and military assistance.

Or put it another way - if you are caught fiddling the system, the answer is not to change the system, it's to stop fiddling.But this is not the time to increase MPs' pay.

The publication of MPs' expenses should put paid to this canard.Most MPs, including leading Tories, have charged hefty mortgage repayments, £1,742 a month in David Cameron's case.

A Newsnight crew was there to cover the proceedings, and the predictable explosion of hostilities between the right and left-wingers ended with an equally unsurprising victory for the settlers.According to other reports of the incident, the settlers attacked the activists with blows and rocks, while the IDF looked on, refusing to intervene.

The debate about the new New Generation Network has an air of unreality to it.The only problem is that some of the most prominent race organisations in the country have pulled out and are urging everyone else to boycott the celebrations.

When an MP or someone in a position of authority is found fiddling their expenses there is usually a public outcry and calls for resignation.One in five workers admit to fiddling their expenses, according to the study by recruitment agency Pertemps.