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The lawsuits come as a San Francisco fertility clinic said thousands of frozen eggs and embryos may have been damaged in a liquid nitrogen failure in a storage tank on the same day.The Ashes said they stored two embryos at a University Hospitals fertility clinic in suburban Cleveland after Elliott's cancer diagnosis in 2003.

As the labor market tightens, more companies are expanding coverage of IVF and other assisted-reproduction treatments to recruit and retain employees Feb.7, 2018 9:00 a.

He longs to chase the impossible, to "bend the world" into the shape of his ideals.Runaway Horses is disturbing material, also a harbinger of Mishima's own act of "patriotic" self-slaughter.

John Robinson National Treasure 9pm, Channel 4 Robbie Coltrane is Paul Finchley, a beloved old-guard comedian accused of rape, in this exhilaratingly timely and very convincing four-part drama.45pm, BBC1 The One Show’s Alex Jones began to ponder motherhood at 38, and this documentary follows her as she finds out her chances of conceiving.

Every week a Guardian Money reader submits a question, and it's up to you to help him or her out – a selection of the best answers will appear in Saturday's paper.This week's question After spending all of our savings (£7,000) on fertility treatment that resulted in six failures and a pregnancy that ended in miscarriage at 13 weeks, we are at a crossroads.

A new study has found that moderate alcohol consumption does not affect a woman’s ability to get pregnant, although higher amounts might.The women reported their drinking habits in questionnaires.

The researchers also found a small rise in the mortality rate of female puppies and a 10-fold increase in undescended testicles in male puppies.In additional analyses done in the last three years, researchers found concentrations of the same chemicals in the dogs’ semen.

As if this weren’t enough, Jen and her husband, Jim, are having difficulty conceiving a child.” Later, Jim criticizes Jen for never negotiating a fee for her artwork, and a connection is implied between Jen’s uneasiness around money and her lack of self-worth.

Despite her doctor’s assurances that insurance would pay for fertility treatment, Ms.Fifteen states, including New Jersey, require insurance companies to cover fertility treatment.

Such a prohibition, critics say, would effectively prevent the use of frozen embryos, seriously restricting options for fertility treatment.As of last month, 24 seriously ill or injured active-duty service members had used those services.

Over nearly 50 years, millions of women have become pregnant because of the relatively inexpensive drug clomiphene citrate, which the William S.Continue reading the main story AdvertisementContinue reading the main story Clomiphene tricks the body into producing higher levels of hormones that stimulate the ovarian follicles, causing eggs to ripen and to be released into the fallopian tubes.

Not sure where to turn, the couple sought out a fertility doctor to assess their options.Their personal experience led them to leave their jobs and start FertilityIQ, a website aimed at assessing fertility doctors and clinics.

This Sunday, my father and I will once again share the ignominy of receiving no presents on fathers' day.Given the chance to swim, they prefer to flop around, or possibly even turn on their stumpy tails and head back upstream.

This term was used this week in place of the more familiar "surrogate mother" and it coldly describes a person who will incubate a baby for the paid-up parents.Yet we are creating an unsavoury industry around reproductive technologies that the feminist writer Gena Corea described in the 80s as "The Mother Machine".

I'd never had a problem with GPs before.We'd moved house, so I went to my new GP.

Hold on to your hats and gird your loins, ladies and gentlemen, because there is life-changing news afoot: older dads have uglier children.Choose to breed with a man twice your age and your spawn are likely to have faces that barely even a mother could love.