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After reading Enterprise Products Partners LP.For Enterprise Products Partners, its latest earnings (trailing twelve month) is US$2.

Notably, the partnership’s midstream properties are linked to all prospective shale plays in the United States, rich in natural gas and oil.A few better-ranked players in the energy sector include Statoil ASA STO, Pioneer Natural Resources Co.

The latest earnings release Enterprise Products Partners LP’s (NYSE:EPD) announced in September 2017 revealed that the company experienced a minor headwind with earnings falling from $2,512.View our latest analysis for Enterprise Products PartnersMarket analysts’ prospects for the upcoming year seems positive, with earnings expanding by a robust 15.

The two benchmarks I used were Enterprise Products Partners’s average earnings over the past couple of years, and its industry performance.Given that these values may be fairly short-term, I have computed an annualized five-year value for Enterprise Products Partners’s net income, which stands at $2,305M.

Based on the latest analyst predictions, Enterprise Products Partners LP (NYSE:EPD) is estimated to sizably grow its earnings by 31.To assess the reasonability of EPD’s earnings growth per share, we should look at its most recent growth rate delivered.