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Yesterday was a great gala day at Blackpool, the occasion being the opening of a promenade pier.The entire superstructure rests upon iron and columns, fixed to the ground by means of screws.

A unique collection, including engine models made by George Stephenson, Richard Trevithick and other giants of British engineering history, will be scattered at auction over the next few days, as the museum which houses them finally runs out of steam.5 tonnes of a gold medal award-winning Corliss engine built by Crepelle and Garland in Lille in 1889, for which Mr Minns outbid a scrap dealer.

Several children tried to hide, but one enquired if he might be able to take the spider home.This is his first spider, and its appearance is part of the city's capital of culture celebrations.

Women make up less than 9% of engineers in the UK – compared with about 20% in China, Spain and Italy.We need to make it glamorous, let them go see JLS and think about how the stage, lighting and sound engineering works.

And the charitable trust provides scholarships and other educational opportunities for women seeking careers in electronic and electrical engineering industries.Although women engineers have been active for at least a century, their accomplishments have had little acknowledgement.

Almost all trainees are given permanent jobs and will join a team of 2,000 lawyers working across 32 government departments.Subsequent salaries are performance-related and will vary across government departments.

You may not recognise the names of all the world's most celebrated electrical engineers, but you'll certainly know about the inventions or projects they have bequeathed to society.Whether it's communications or satellites, IT or energy, electrical and electronic engineers are at the forefront of the sectors that shape the ways we live.

A degree in mechanical engineering can take you a long way – a fact to which the likes of film-maker Alfred Hitchcock and automotive engineer Ferdinand Porsche can testify.For those who take the more traditional route, a degree in mechanical engineering can open doors to a wide range of sectors.

Graduates with a qualification in engineering, design and manufacture can use their skills (be they mechanical, chemical, electrical or otherwise) within many industries.Getting on Henry Noteman, regional manager at engineering recruitment specialist Jonathan Lee Recruitment The degree you do is, of course, important.

23 blizzard forced the cancellation of the Inventgenuity Festival, the seventh annual Brooklyn design and engineering fair for artistic and tech-minded children 7 and older.AdvertisementContinue reading the main story“It’s in line with our approach to making projects that are interdisciplinary,” Mr.

The Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation has finally acknowledged what everyone else has known for months: The $4.1 million Squibb Park Bridge, closed for 17 months, is not reopening anytime soon.

It is time for negotiations to begin to draw up a set of international guidelines that govern the future use of geo-engineering.By providing a possible get-out-of-jail card on global warming, geo-engineering may remove the incentive for authorities to curb greenhouse gas emissions.

No one doubts that it could be used in wicked and dangerous ways, but with the right safeguards it has an immense power for good.Now there are calls for a fresh moratorium on some techniques of genetic engineering.

On the day we planned to get into the building, I decided to try the magnetic swipe system.In a worst-case scenario, I figured I could fumble my way in, acting as if my card had malfunctioned and asking an employee to open the door from the inside.

The potential for dramatic and beneficial change has hitherto been outweighed by the risk of unexpected side-effects in the complex climate system, with global consequences.Transport More a fifth of the world's human-induced emissions of carbon dioxide come from transport.

The Royal Society has announced plans today to study which planetary-scale geo-engineering techniques might play a practical role in stemming the worst impacts of climate change.The Royal Society study will look at which techniques might be feasible to carry out and what their impacts or unintended consequences might be on society.