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Joe Raedle / Getty ImagesAn engineer with the firm that designed a pedestrian bridge that collapsed in Florida on Thursday called the state to warn of cracks in the structure days before it fell and killed at least six people.Denney Pate with the FIGG Bridge Group notified the Florida Department of Transportation on Tuesday to give a heads up about cracks found on the north end of the structure.

” This freedom made Google a deeply attractive—and inspiring—place to work, according to the anonymouos author.The email’s author notes, “infrastructure projects and unglamorous projects went wanting for people to work on them.

She said she was the subject of lewd comments and once found a male colleague hiding under her desk.In that incident, according to Lee's suit, she had been away from her desk and returned to find the man on all fours under her desk.

Gary Brown, a security engineer at Google, was called to the stand by Waymo to testify on the allegations that former star self-driving car engineer Anthony Levandowski downloaded 14,107 files before leaving the company.Following Uber's acquisition of his company Otto, Levandowski worked at the ride-hailing startup before getting fired in May 2017.

But forone longtime engineer, working at the tech giant is no longer worth the hype.But after 13 years at the company, says Yegge, Google is no longer the innovative tech haven it once was.

Chevrolet is showing a Hot Wheels-edition Camaro at the Detroit Auto Show, and it's just a spitwad's distance from Ford's Mustang Bullitt exhibit across the aisle.It's an interesting illustration of the state of competition in the modern ponycar segment.

KOMO-TV via APAn engineer on the derailed Amtrak train noted that the train was going too fast six seconds before the train derailed, according to the National Transportation Safety Board.The train was going 78 mph in a 30 mph zone.

Bowen Zhang(Bowen ZhangBowen Zhang) Most companies offer employee training where experts within the company teach their coworkers important work skills.Teaching classes can have a profound impact on the careers of the volunteer employee instructors, Google's aeronautics instructor tells us.

Due-diligence report revealed Anthony Levandowski had Google files on its self-driving-car project, including 50,000 emails Oct.ET Google parent Alphabet Inc.

Former Volkswagen engineer James Liang has been sentenced to 40 months in prison for his role in the company's multiyear scheme to sell diesel cars that generated more pollution than US clean air rules allowed.It agreed to spend as much as $US25 billion in the US to resolve claims from owners and regulators and offered to buy back about 500,000 vehicles.

In the story of modern art, Grosz is a brilliant anomaly: a satirist and caricaturist whose brutal humour was instantly recognised by the avant-garde as avant-garde, yet was widely accessible.At the end of the first world war Grosz was one of the leaders of Berlin Dada.

All philosophers to some extent write science fiction - it's how they make their ideas clear - but Dennett's thought experiments would make wonderful short stories.But that is where Dennett's second big idea comes in.

The most infamous royal art commission in British history is Hans Holbein's portrait of Anne of Cleves.The story goes like this: Holbein painted a beautiful picture of Anne of Cleves, and his art made her seem beautiful in herself.

And that's exactly what we see happening in this eerie, sumptuous movie about a dorky English sound engineer, Gilderoy, working on a low-budget Italian horror flick in the 1970s.For a scene in which a boy's eardrums burst, we exploded grapes right up against the microphone.

Now it's somebody's job to unravel the whole (admittedly highly entertaining) preposterous mess.I would love to work with him again and I know that he would like to do another one.

Well, engineers get excited about it, but that's why they're engineers.For most of the rest of us, infrastructure is a thing that we only fully perceive in its absence or failure.

Breaking away from her pink heels, pink ball gown and oversized pink hairbrush, Barbie – the fashion doll manufactured by Mattel – now has a range of gender-stereotype-breaking books.In the “I can be” series, we learn that Barbie can be president, a sports star and a computer engineer.

All future Barbie titles “will be written to inspire girls’ imaginations and portray an empowered Barbie character”, Barbie manufacturer Mattel has said, after apologising for the Barbie I Can Be A Computer Engineer book and pulling the problematic title from online sale.The book had caused outrage this week for showing Barbie entirely dependent on the help of men to actually be a computer engineer.

When something unexpected happens, you’ve got to keep absolutely calm and deal with things methodically.The stage sound of the band is not in play so much and you have more control of the mix.