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The lawsuits come as a San Francisco fertility clinic said thousands of frozen eggs and embryos may have been damaged in a liquid nitrogen failure in a storage tank on the same day.The Ashes said they stored two embryos at a University Hospitals fertility clinic in suburban Cleveland after Elliott's cancer diagnosis in 2003.

But if you asked people "Do you think we should take another step towards designer babies?The advent of embryo screening proved decisive in convincing MPs and peers of the benefits of research into human reproduction.

LONDON — Few areas of scientific investigation are more controversial than embryo research, yet few are more brimming with potential.How does the debate about the time limit for embryo research fit in?

How about when it involves a famous actress, a high-flying businessman, two frozen embryos and the New York Times?We signed a form stating that any embryos created through the process could be brought to term only with both parties’ consent.

But it is important to acknowledge that using PGD to select against culturally devalued bodies, like those of people with disabilities or who are intersex, is simply a contemporary example of eugenics.Eugenics is not a horrific memory of the past; it is an ongoing practice that hides under the guise of benevolent medical technology like PGD.

The 14-day rule for permissible embryo research was conceived by the philosopher Mary Warnock as an answer to the question, always raised in relation to controversial science, of “where to draw the line”.This was said to be the point at which the individuality of an embryo is assured, because it can no longer become two people.

For those who believe that any intervention at all in the creation of human life is a bit dodgy, this news will be disturbing.Thus far, the 14-day rule has proved consoling to all sorts of people who are uncertain about how much human beings should mess around with human life.

What followed were 16 months of infertility compounded by grief, convincing me I was a failed mother.Nine months later, she was with us.

The public is to be asked its views on the genetic testing of embryos for inherited diseases, because of the widespread disquiet over a future in which selection of the fittest becomes possible.They claim this is the first such public consultation in the world.

With a handful of other volunteers, he made two small cuts under his arm, and applied the protein to one of them.His team is now taking the protein into larger clinical trials, where it will be tried on people who have undergone minor surgery like varicose veins.

Most critically, can a tiny clump of cells called "stem cells", gleaned from the barely larger speck of cells making up an eight-day-old human embryo, be coaxed into becoming a single, large mass of specialised human tissue - nerves, skin, heart, lung, liver?The rules say British scientists can only attempt to cultivate human cells from embryos for research into fertility or congenital diseases.

A loophole in the law on human embryo research has allowed British scientists to order by post from the United States a batch of cells that had artificially grown from a human embryo.The cells are "stem cells", capable in theory of turning into any human body part, from skin to brain.

The government has confirmed that it will allow MPs a free vote on one of medical science's most complex issues - research into human embryos to provide new cures for disease.But the issue of "therapeutic cloning", which was recommended by a government-appointed expert committee yesterday, could become a political football anyway.

The investigation into missing embryos at two fertility clinics took a new twist last night when one of the hospitals involved confirmed that it was looking into possible financial irregularities in connection with the scientist at the centre of the scandal.It seems to be issues more about carelessness, not completing processes and never freezing embryos when he said he did.

Hundreds of women caught up in a missing frozen embryos scandal have contacted an emergency helpline fearing that their children are not theirs or that their stored embryos have been given to other women, it emerged yesterday.Some women have had their fertility treatment suspended because the clinics have discovered errors in their patient records relating to their stored embryos.

However, ministers have repeatedly claimed that no scientific Rubicon was being crossed last night because the principle of embryo research was endorsed 10 years ago.In the fierce debate that followed MPs split on non-party lines with Tory scientists such as Michael Clark in voting Yes.

The prominent Tory Catholic and MP for Gainsborough, Edward Leigh , brushed aside the minister's insistence that Britain was not on the slippery slope to cloning humans.The idea of cloning babies is completely unacceptable to the house and public opinion as well," the minister insisted.

The couple at the centre of a "designer baby" controversy have given away a male embryo after their quest to have a daughter by in vitro fertilisation failed.However, the pre-gender diagnosis (PGD) treatment failed to produce a female embryo, and the Mastertons, from Dundee, decided to donate their male embryo to a couple with no children of their own.

The HFEA maintains that implanting more than three embryos gives an unacceptable risk of the mother becoming pregnant with triplets, putting the babies in danger.During IVF, a woman's eggs are removed, fertilised with the father's sperm, and the embryos reimplanted.