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)But what does net neutrality mean and how will it affect your Internet use if regulations are reversed?For a while it was a running joke that people knew net neutrality was important, but struggled to describe it.

View photosiPhone X(The iPhone X doesn't have a home button, which means some widely used features will be eliminated."Reachability was introduced three years ago with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, Apple's first larger-screen devices.

The first thing a potential customer saw was a bargain: how much an item was reduced from its list price.The problem with list prices or, as they are sometimes called, manufacturers’ suggested retail prices, is that they are regularly more of a marketing concept than what anyone is actually charging.

In the 2016 Summer Games, there is a revised point system, the inclusion of a number of professional fighters and, perhaps most noticeably, the elimination of head guards for male boxers.However, the International Boxing Association, known as A.

The European Central Bank said it was considering eliminating the 500-euro note, describing the bill commonly used by savers as an instrument also favored by criminals.The amount of cash in the eurozone rose to more than 1 trillion euros ($1.

But it is important to acknowledge that using PGD to select against culturally devalued bodies, like those of people with disabilities or who are intersex, is simply a contemporary example of eugenics.Eugenics is not a horrific memory of the past; it is an ongoing practice that hides under the guise of benevolent medical technology like PGD.

Nick Clegg has backed George Osborne's timetable for balancing the UK's books and pledged to keep his party focused on reducing debt to a "sensible" level, which his aides warned could take another two decades.Last month Cable said: "It is one thing to respond to a record deficit after a long period of rising public spending, as we have since 2010.

The Pope has pronounced, and Third World debt has been redeemed.More precisely I think it is a major distraction from the task of reducing world poverty.

The ‘Gephardt rule’ would automatically raise the borrowing limit after Congress passed a budget resolution Updated Sept.ET WASHINGTON—President Donald Trump said Thursday he was open to eliminating the need for Congress to hold votes on raising the country’s borrowing limit, after the idea was broached by Democratic leaders in their Oval Office meeting a day earlier.

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates' rivalrous friendship is the stuff of tech lore.The world's a better place," Jobs told Gates after the Microsoft exec agreed to make a $150 million investment in Apple.

Advancements in technology and globalization are chipping away at America's middle class, Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen said Wednesday.In an appearance before the House Financial Services Committee, Yellen said if the U.

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - European Union institutions have agreed on new rules for money market funds that will eliminate some kinds of funds and create others, EU officials said on Wednesday.Money market funds (MMFs) provide short-term financing to investors and companies.