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Results for Tag "driven"

One of the UK's most adventurous independent publishers, Marion Boyars, is being forced out of business after more than 40 years by the adverse climate of today's book trade.The publisher of authors including Ken Kesey, Georges Bataille, Nobel prize winner Kenzaburo Oe, Ivan Illich and Shel Silverstein, Marion Boyars said this morning that it had sold licences in 38 literary titles to Penguin Classics, and that it would be winding down its operations once it has completed its autumn programme.

Photograph: Tristram Kenton So David Hare's new play, Gethsemane, is apparently a fictional response to the New Labour ethos.No great surprise there; Hare's whole career has been predicated on a belief that theatre should chart the state of the nation.

As the DJ Mark Ronson, who produced half the tracks on Back to Black, has said: 'Amy is bringing a rebellious rock'n'roll spirit back to popular music.They were 'a sort of Jewish Salt'N'Pepa', called Sweet'N'Sour ('I was Sour, of course').

Less well known is Dennis's interest in art.The Arts Council says the McLaren money will be used to acquire new works, mostly by emerging artists.

He was mustachioed in a very sharp white suit, standing next to a helicopter he had 'designed', though I later realised he had only been consulted on the shape.Like Loewy, Colani has an idiosyncratic signature style, although his is biomorphic rather than fins and flash.

When it was published in 1964, Naipaul's An Area of Darkness gave the rest of the world its first compelling account of post-imperial India.Other writers of that time tended to see India spiritually and heroically, in terms of Hindu benignity, Gandhi's pacifism, Nehru's socialism.

Michael Mann is a devotee of the mano-a-mano drama where two men, one reasonably good, one hopelessly evil, face off against each other in a duel to the death.Jamie Foxx (who starred as Malcolm X in Ali) is a luckless hack who dreams of opening an upscale limo service.

The first really famous cave paintings, in Altamira in Spain, were discovered in 1879.It might be expected to follow from this that the only books about prehistoric art worth reading are the very latest.

Today, "modernity" still depends on western technology: once it was steamships and railways, now it's TV and the internet.Aged nine, he had fled with his mother and sister to Berlin before their home town fell to the Russians.

What Debbie enjoyed to the point of obsession was a video of the Amazonian rainforest.You can take the girl out of the rainforest but you can't take the rainforest out of the girl.

She'd throw her eyes heavenwards: "You know, it's your thing.I genuinely don't know and am not interested in what I'm like.

Bridget Jones's Diary has been knocked off the top of the US box office charts by Sylvester Stallone's new racing car thriller, Driven.Despite receiving a panning from critics, the film, which was written by and co-starred Stallone, made $13.

You're usually a serious character actor.But one thing about driving where I live, in New York: it brings out the worst in me.