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Results for Tag "dragons"

When it comes to classic English literature, the number of dragons can probably be counted on the fingers of one hand.There's The Hobbit, of course and Beowulf, but not, up until now at least, Alice in Wonderland.

But when it comes to mythological monsters, I'm going back to dragons.Good dragons work symbiotically with humans, giving their small riders psyche-widening insights, long-distance transport or answers to difficult questions.

Sir Alan Sugar relentlessly had an "£800m fortune" throughout the early series of The Apprentice, which suggests that he wasn't getting a very good interest on his wedge.This does not necessarily reflect a change in Sugar's fortunes but rather a shift in BBC policies on financial boasting.

It would be churlish to point out that Dragons' Dens is just X Factor for entrepreneurs but, well, Dragons' Dens is just X Factor for entrepreneurs so maybe Theo needs to keep his pie hostel shut?Let us see how Dragons' Den and The Apprentice match up in key reality TV categories.

Photograph: BBC The first thing you notice about Dragons' Den is that it isn't The Apprentice.In last night's opening show, the Giant Turd Award went to married couple Jon and Ros with their 'Layline' - essentially a double bedsheet with a seam down the middle to tell your partner when he/she has trespassed into your personal bed space.

Peter Jones (second from right) with the other investors in Dragons' Den.Great plan with one small problem - Hamfatter are an indie band so woefully unlistenable that they'd make Scouting For Girls cry.

The Guardian's Sam Wollaston was delighted: "Ah, good news: the return of Dragons' Den (BBC2), the show that brings out everyone's inner sadist.A new batch of hapless victims is tossed in to the den.

X-Men writer David Goyer will produce the children's story.Here There Be Dragons, the first book in the Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica series, is published next month and five more are scheduled to come out in successive Octobers.

When the egg hatches, he is forced to become the dragon's keeper.The monster is called Téméraire (meaning "Daring" in French).

But since then, as China's economy has been transformed, photography, which is so much more saleable, has flourished.Wang Qingsong, the star of China's contemporary art scene, has engaged with vanishing traditions in another way.

99) One snowy night near Sunshine, Ontario, Robert, a young traveller, finds himself at a party at the town's wildlife park.A stranger has pushed a notebook into his hand to give to an Alice Pederson.

Christian Bale, who plays a dragon-slayer opposite Matthew McConaughey in the fantasy film Reign Of Fire, released tomorrow, said filming the movie was far more frightening than anything he did on the set of American Psycho.In an interview in today's Times, Bale, 28, said: "To be honest, I'm really quite attracted to risks.

Why, for example, does every hip-hop album include at least one "skit"?While Outkast have displayed a tendency towards on-stage cross-dressing, the Dungeon Family pose in suits of armour, chainmail, facepaint and wizard costumes.

Yet the budding critic, who was to become famous as an impassioned proselytiser for European "high" culture, was in awe of his room-mate.Even friends acknowledge that Steiner's immense range comes at the price of inaccuracy.