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Their minds have been corrupted by a 'rock freak', a 'cross-dressing, long-haired, tattooed Satanist' (the Sun).The NME let out a cry of pain this month with an angry cover article, protesting that the ignorant scapegoating of Marilyn was turning 'a jerk' with 'nothing more than a talent for courting outrage' into an underworld hero.

When Suchet declared, 'It's 1495,' I wanted to shout out, 'No it's not.The sound effects, too, were a mite crude - 'the cuckoo-clock is born', cue cuckoo-clock.

We've long ago given up on the idea that there's very much natural, or unretouched, about TV natural history programmes.We're used to camera speed cranked up or down to show us what the eye can't normally see.

Let Ken Stand Hackney Empire Comedy.Not much doubt what it was doing last night, as a troupe of familiar and battle-hardened comics took it in turns to affirm their support for Ken Livingstone's candidacy for mayor of London, in front of a partisan Hackney crowd.

Once the 'madness' that entitled you to a place there might have been that you had a child out of wedlock.Joe knew that he had to get out: 'If you stay here, you're finished.

Irek Mukhamedov may worry that his career with the Royal Ballet has been put on the back burner now that he has been relegated from permanent prince to guest star.This new version begins where the old tale ends, in hell, where Don Juan is languishing amid a crowd of beautiful women.

In fact, it's pretty routine pre-millennial panic, the kind of journalism which had agitated the couple in Waitrose.Some people might find their old washing machines don't work, for example.

But there's worse: "I've got loads and loads of unread scripts at home.Doesn't lobby, doesn't network; would sooner die than work a room.

So if it's works by the man himself you're after, try the National Gallery, which has nine.For other Monet exhibitions and an examination of Monet's shift in later life, try http://www.

Commissioned by Channel 4's music department, The Phil is a series about the Philharmonia Orchestra.The Phil is an independent Diverse Production for Channel 4 TV.

William Friedkin's The Exorcist and Nicolas Roeg's Don't Look Now were critically acclaimed worldwide.But Robin Hardy's The Wicker Man was mishandled and overlooked, only belatedly recognised as an original and audacious debut.

Now, Schama will bring his own brand of ‘new history’ home to Britain and to television, to become the G.Published in 1995, it was not so much a history book as a meditation upon the curious link between mankind and nature.

But despite this, we can't cook.Somehow I can't say I'm surprised.

The merger of Huntsman and Clariant could trip on weak turnout in a Swiss shareholder vote Updated Sept.ET Huntsman and Clariant are closing the details of their merger, but the gap between their stock prices remains wide open.