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More foreign companies were in Beijing’s crosshairs Friday after including regions like Tibet and Taiwan in a list of independent countries on their websites Jan.ET More foreign companies came into Beijing’s crosshairs Friday for including regions such as Tibet and Taiwan in a list of independent countries on their websites, a day after authorities ordered hotel giant Marriott International Inc.

The Batchuluun family (mother, father, three daughters) effectively play themselves, hard-working nomads whose work-life cycles are defined by the rhythm of the seasons.If the story seems whisper-thin (think Kes with a happy ending), then the devil is in the background detail.

In one seven-day spell, all the chickens belonging to rapper/actor DMX have come home to roost.It seems that in Arizona, you're not allowed to speed, abuse dogs and keep marijuana.

Bottom dog by far is Scottish Widows, which now manages nine of the 57 funds in Bestinvest's doghouse.Worse, they are among the larger funds included in the table: looked at by value, Scottish Widows funds account for £3.

No, it's practically anything invested in Japan.At the end of 2005, Melchior Japan Opportunities was celebrating a 94.

1 Buy food in bulk Cut the cost of pet food by as much as 50% by buying in bulk.At Sainsbury's, for example, a 1kg bag of Iams cat food costs £4.

It's not just homeowners suffering in the economic downturn: the rising number of home foreclosures has also seen the number of unwanted pets go up across the US.The brand name on the bottle: 'Fatal-Plus'.

He may have been one of America's greatest architects, responsible for designing the Guggenheim Museum in New York and the Fallingwater home in Pennsylvania, but that didn't stop Frank Lloyd Wright responding to the humble requests of a young boy who asked him to draw plans for a doghouse.In the mid-1950s Lloyd Wright sent 12-year-old Jim Berger a design for a dog house after Berger wrote to the designer to ask for a home for his black Labrador, Eddie.

At least four previously unviewable US media sites were "liberated" at the same time.Another theory is that a token selection of foreign media are blocked to satisfy old-guard Communist Party leaders who have no idea of the potential number.

Teaching your dog to fetch a stick can be frustrating, but for one unlucky owner it led to a brush with the law.With tales of rural crime on the increase, the story of Bramble and the stolen stick is a cautionary tale for country dwellers.

Romeo the Jack Russell was among dozens of strays brought into Battersea Dogs Home, in south London, over Christmas and he could represent a new trend.Ali Cuthbert, a spokeswoman for the home, said the terrier may represent the growing trend of dogs being abandoned before Christmas.

But accusations of shallow and cynical dictatorship have come from an unlikely contributor to the pages of the Daily Mail - Tony Benn.The result has been a generous spread over four days, two covering what the Mail labelled The Blair Terror, one day on the death of Mr Benn's wife, Caroline, and yesterday his relations with Ali G who tricked him into a spoof interview which Mr Benn handled deftly.

But for her status, the royal dog would already be as moribund as the Beagle space probe.Instead, she played a starring role in the end-of-year royal 'scandal,' which began with Pharos, the Queen's oldest corgi, being mauled to death at Sandringham.

A wild deer which fell into a city centre canal is being nursed at a dog rescue home after kicking one of its RSPCA rescuers in the leg.Named Thumper, the deer is thought to have wandered along the east coast main railway line into Leeds before grazing on a steep bank over the Leeds-Liverpool canal.

Asset management group Jupiter has taken the "embarrassing top spot" in its regular review of "dog funds" by financial advisers Bestinvest.It found that nearly £3bn of the firm's money under management – mostly in its flagship Jupiter Income fund – has underperformed in each of the last three years.

And to understand why, you have to imagine how almost any other politician would have handled the confrontation.If anything, by reacting as many men might to abuse in the street, Johnson looks less posh than usual.