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Results for Tag "democrats"

And their donors appear increasingly motivated: Last month, the House Democratic campaign raised $12 million while House Republicans raised just $4.Among the Republican districts that Democrats see as newly threatened are those held by Representatives John L.

AdvertisementContinue reading the main story“People are waking up to how unsound Donald Trump is,” said Gov.” Election 2016 Unfiltered: Voices From Trump's Crowd At Donald Trump's rallies, some supporters express themselves with slurs and violent language.

WASHINGTON — Senate Democrats, aware of the dead weight that Donald J.But just as Senate Republicans blew their chances in 2010 and 2012 before finally taking control in 2014, Democrats find themselves hobbled by less-than-stellar candidates in races that could make the difference in winning a majority.

Could debt-free college be to 2016 what healthcare reform was to 2008?In April, the likely presidential candidate told his supporters that “every student should be able to go to college debt-free”.

Unlike 'nasty' plcs, member-owned societies can concentrate on delivering good-value services to customers, uncon strained by the need to produce dividends.The Portman rejected a set of resolutions from a group named Mutual Members, calling for greater democracy and control by members of directors' pay.

More conservative companies, faced with recruiting difficulties, thought that offering interesting and challenging work would attract more and better staff.In the Nineties, these ideas were abandoned as recession set in and share price became the principal management motivator.

In the rather unlikely event that they win the next election, the Liberal Democrats would put an extra penny on tax to go towards education, set a 50 per cent tax rate on earnings over £100,000 and introduce a compulsory second pension.With their 47 MPs, the Liberal Democrats have sometimes made a better job of opposition over the past three years than the Conservatives.

Late-night TV hosts on Tuesday addressed the White House’s search for a new press secretary and the closed-door process with which a group of Senate Republicans are advancing their healthcare bill.“At yesterday’s briefing,” Colbert began, “not only did Sean Spicer not allow cameras, he also prohibited audio recording.

It looks like Selina Meyer, the character that Louis-Dreyfus played for five seasons in the award-winning political sitcom Veep.How we laughed – before Trump came along and ruined everything by making incompetence in high office scary.

Using the techniques of big data, we wanted to see if there were spaces where Republicans and Democrats occupied common ground.Literary conventions, on the other hand, where individuals get together to read and talk about books, were different.

According to the study by a company that tracks awareness about TV series, Game of Thrones is Democrats’ favorite show.However, it doesn’t even figure in the top 10 of Republicans’ preferred viewing.

With a mere 14 months to go until the 2016 US presidential election, the battle for celebrity endorsements has begun.Take Chuck Norris, for example.

He also hit out at the "homophobia" of some of the US Republican presidential candidates.Colin Firth, another actor and A-list Hollywood star declared in December that he was ending his support for the Lib Dems.

In these and other westerns it is only the bad guys who shoot for the sake of it and relish the wild side of the law.Yet somehow, in myth and political symbolism the bad guys are remembered as the good guys, the films of the wild west associated with the law of the gun.

Oscar-winning film-maker Steven Spielberg has denied reports he is to advise the US Democratic party on a forthcoming PR offensive.The Washington Post said yesterday Spielberg had agreed to help with a rebranding exercise being put together by Nancy Pelosi, the outgoing House of Representatives speaker.

Friends, I know that this is what you have been waiting for: the Liberal Democrats' definitive paper on arts policy.And, what a weird list of famous British creative names on page two.

The presidential race has spilled over into the cinema with accusations that a new film, The Contender, released last weekend in the US, has been edited to favour the Democrats and demonise the Republicans.In an interview in the November issue of Premiere magazine, Oldman said that reading The Contender reminded him of scripts he had in the past such as Prick Up Your Ears.

Los Angeles has meanwhile gone from being the eye of an international media hurricane to being a ghost town.It has sick sex, sick fantasies, sick murders, sick characters, and a healthy contempt for finger-wagging bluenoses.