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The company beat the Zacks Consensus Estimate in three of the trailing four quarters with an average positive surprise of 1.14 billion and were almost in line with the Zacks Consensus Estimate.

Understanding Cisco Systems Inc’s (NASDAQ:CSCO) performance as a company requires examining more than earnings from one point in time.For Cisco Systems, its most recent trailing-twelve-month earnings is $9,681.

Nonetheless, Wall Street remains bullish on Cisco, with 16 analysts rating it as a "buy", three considering it "overweight", nine ranking it as a "hold", and none calling it a "sell".So looking forward into 2018, should investors buy Cisco, or should they wait for a pullback?

For the first time in the last eight quarters, the company said it expects to increase revenue next quarter.69 on Thursday after saying it expects to break its eight-quarter long decline in revenue next quarter.

(NASDAQ:CSCO), although higher by nearly 11% for the year, have seen a choppy going for the most part.With corporate earnings season kicking into high gear this week, the immediate-term outlook for CSCO stock could be all over the place, yet into year-end and looking at the charts, the stock is constructively positioned.

View photosI'm Willing to Bet That CSCO Stock Has Found SupportSource: ShutterstockUsually, on big dips that come on heavy volumes solidify the valuation in prices.The analyst average price target for CSCO stock is $35.