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Demonstrators resent Tehran’s outlays to support militant groups in Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, and Gaza Jan.ET Iran’s costly efforts to project power beyond its borders in the wider Middle East are now exacting a political price at home.

But her speech highlighted the views of many in Myanmar who see the Rohingya as illegal immigrants and blame the population for terrorist acts.The Rohingya exodus is sure to be raised by the visitors at the meetings held Monday and Tuesday.

I tend to think not, as I believe most critics have the sense to decline a show created by someone they've worked with or dated.Because I'm inexpert at objectivity, as I've matured as a critic I've felt more reluctant about entering into friendships with theatre artists.

But let's assume that I did decide to put my money where my mouth is and make an investment in that show.If – perish the thought – the Guardian decided to diversify into theatre production, I would be uncomfortable about writing about the shows in which it has a financial interest.

After having donated the maximum amount to Mayor Bill de Blasio’s election campaign, plus thousands more to help the mayor in a runoff that never happened, a Manhattan law firm partner was given a seat on the New York City Water Board.” AdvertisementContinue reading the main storyIt was also a violation of city rules, the Conflicts of Interest Board said shortly before in announcing that Mr.

The bipartisan commission responsible for arranging presidential debates on Sunday rebuffed Donald J.”In an interview with ABC’s “This Week” shown on Sunday, Mr.

The College Football Playoff has abandoned a plan to play most of its semifinals on New Year’s Eve after television ratings tumbled last year and will schedule future games to ensure that they are played on weekends or holidays.31 last year, a Thursday, dropped 36 percent from the semifinals played on New Year’s Day the previous season.

More people are on the run than ever before in recorded history, the United Nations said in a report released Monday.While most are displaced within their own countries, an unprecedented number are seeking political asylum in the world’s rich countries.

To prepare for this, nearly all Army units are refocusing their training on being self-sustaining, or “expeditionary,” as their commanders put it.But the Army’s training cycles take several years, and in part because of budget restrictions, many soldiers are just now learning the new approach.

In Chicago, for example, police officers killed a 19-year-old mentally ill man, Quintonio LeGrier, in December after the police said he had come at them with a baseball bat.” Video Police Shootings of the Mentally Ill Footage of fatal shootings between police officers and people with mental illness shows how quickly these encounters can go wrong.

Out West, much of the expansive Los Angeles market has been without the Dodgers’ channel, SportsNet LA, since it was created two years ago.But Comcast then reneged, YES said, and dropped it after the Yankees’ season had ended but early in the Nets’ season.

Nearly 24 million children living in 22 countries affected by conflict are not in school, the United Nations said Monday.A report released by Unicef, the United Nations Children’s Fund, said that of roughly 109 million children of primary and secondary school age in these countries, almost one in four are not getting an education.

The so-called frozen conflicts that have disfigured the region since the end of the cold war are beginning to melt at the edges.And the EU's Prague summit will host the next encounter of the two countries' presidents.

I was a Jewish student at the then very radical Sussex University in the early 70s and have vivid memories of having to face campus extremism.But I don't recall anyone thinking that this was anything other than the normal, hothouse politics common to radical student life everywhere.