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Michael Symmons Roberts - official website "I went to Primary School on the site of one of the English Civil War's bloodiest battles.I later discovered them to be Neolithic burial grounds, but the civil war stories stuck with me.

As soon as I wasn't in a scene, I'd be taken running round the park.At one point, she has a speech about how much better British film actors are than American ones, complete with supporting quotations.

A row has broken out over the latest film by Ken Burns, often called America's official biographer.The War, his 14-hour epic about the US's role in the second world war, currently showing in Cannes, has been criticised for not including a single Hispanic or Native American voice.

By the middle of the 1970s, this venue on the corner of London's principal westbound highway had become a favourite for pub-rockers and proto-punks: the likes of Bees Make Honey and Eddie and the Hot Rods.Everybody knows about salsa now, as a kind of sexy aerobics for singles, as well as the source of some great music.

James Meek's drama set during the Russian civil war, The People's Act of Love, has beaten Ian McEwan's Saturday to become the first novel to win the Ondaatje prize.Set in Siberia in 1919, the novel concerns a renegade Czech army unit stranded in a community dominated by an obscure religious sect.

The actor Robert Blake will testify at his civil trial over the death of his wife, his lawyer has said in opening statements.The lawyer representing Ms Bakley's children said the murder victim "did some stupid things in her life" but that didn't affect her love for her children.

Russell Crowe has settled out of court with a New York hotel worker who sued him for assault.A statement released by both parties said the Oscar-winning actor and the Mercer Hotel employee, Nestor Estrada, had settled the case but offered few details, except to say that "both sides expressed satisfaction at the resolution".

I liked the historical poems such as "Ithaka", and "Waiting for the Barbarians", and "The God Abandons Antony".In "The Twenty-Fifth Year of his Life", this is surely Cavafy talking: "Of course he tries not to give himself away.

His assassins were members of one of future dictator General Franco's death squads, " la escuadra negra " or "black squadron", who were systematically wiping out suspected leftwingers.Unlike the 2,102 people shot against the walls of Granada's cemetery, no record was kept of those brought here.

Nina Simone, one of the most original and influential African-American singers of the past 50 years, has died at her home in the south of France.She took little pleasure from the immediate cause of her new-found celebrity with a younger audience.

Barbershop, the chart-topping American movie about a group of friends in a men's hair salon, has come under attack by civil rights activists who claim it disparages some of the black emancipation movement's greatest figures.Variety reports that Rev Sharpton also takes issue with the use of profanity in descriptions of Reverend Jesse Jackson and Martin Luther King Jr.

Robert Blake, already facing a criminal charge for the murder of his wife Bonny Lee Bakley last May, now faces further legal difficulties.A civil lawsuit for wrongful death has been brought against the actor by the administrator of Bakley's estate.

· British director Anthony Minghella (The English Patient, The Talented Mr Ripley) will direct Tom Cruise in the American civil war epic Cold Mountain, producer Sydney Pollack has revealed.Speaking from Sydney, Australia, where he is finishing work on Fox's adaptation of the Graham Greene classic, The Quiet American, Pollack said preparation on the project was already under way.

• Tom Cruise is in negotiations to star in civil war drama Cold Mountain for English Patient director Anthony Minghella.The story concerns a confederate soldier who leaves his death bed to walk home to the woman he loves.

Politics, and particularly racial politics, had never influenced her choice of material until Strange Fruit came along.It was probably the only place in America where Strange Fruit could have been sung and savoured.