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Results for Tag "chinese"

For 50 Moganshan Street is where, alongside the low-rent workshops, Shanghai's high-end contemporary art world has come to roost.People talk of an "explosion" of Chinese art.

5m (£834,000) to $6m (£3.3m).

The War of the Red Cliff, will be based on events 1,700 years ago, with plans to make it the most expensive film in mainland Chinese history.The story is part of a hugely successful Chinese novel, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, by Luo Guanzhong.

Chinese authorities have cancelled a performance of the The Vagina Monologues, the controversial women's rights play that was due to hit the Beijing stage tomorrow.The production, which is touted as a "celebration of female sexuality" and a critique of violence against women, encourages audiences to catcall the word "vagina" and consider what their vaginas would say if they could talk.

Like other Chinese directors he's now turning his attention to the current situation of a country in transition from communism to consumerism.Meanwhile a golden-hearted courtesan living in the same rundown area provides him with a chaste sentimental education.

The best parts of Escaping the Winter focus on pre-holiday preparation.Even considering the book's intended readership, Mustoe can be excessively conservative.

One of China's leading directors has called for a national rating system after the launch of a friend's film was ruined when state officials took umbrage over its advertising campaign.Zhang Yimou, who has won worldwide plaudits for films like Hero and The Road Home, spoke out after posters for Huang Jianzhong's Dahong Rice Shop were stripped from walls by state officials in April.

Later, they discovered LuLu's files had disappeared.But the real answer to the question, the real background behind this promise, lies in Prager's own relationship with the country, 'China, guardian of my memories'.

Known as simply "Tintin in Tibet" since 1957 when it was first published in the west, the translating "error" has caused untold problems for the Belgian publisher Casterman, which has just negotiated a groundbreaking and lucrative deal to bring the adventures of the quiffed boy journalist to China for the first time.But Casterman signalled yesterday after a hastily convened meeting in Beijing that it would be insisting that the word "Chinese" be dropped from all future editions.

The title of The Road Home has several meanings.The gap between The Road Home and Road Trip is greater than the width of the Pacific Ocean.

Industry magazine Screen daily reports that his film, about China during the time of Japanese occupation, has been judged to be 'insufficiently patriotic' by the Chinese authorities.According to news agency reports, Wen's film is said to undermine his country because it "seriously distorts Chinese history".