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Results for Tag "capitalism"

If you're thinking that this doesn't sound much like a school, then you'd have a point, but we'll address that later.Any sightseers embarking on a tour of Moscow's avant-garde architecture from the early 20th century had better brace themselves for a catalogue of degradation.

It might look as if Michael Moore's time has come.If we were ever in love with capitalism, we aren't any longer.

His latest film Capitalism: A Love Story is already out in the US when we meet.[In Fahrenheit 9/11] I'm telling people that we're not going to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, we've been lied to.

The predicament that's ensnared George Clooney's Ryan can't really be blamed wholly on the excesses of late capitalism.The film's genuinely shocking plot makes it abundantly clear that something's changed.

Michael Moore has touted it as his boldest, most ambitious movie to date.Previously seen as a frontrunner for next year's documentary Oscar, Capitalism: A Love Story surprisingly failed to make the cut when the longlist was announced last night.

A photographer, who works part-time for the police, records marriages and funerals, preferring the latter as 'more real'.Suddenly, but not arbitrarily, Sissako slips in a spaghetti western called Death in Timbuktu, starring Danny Glover and the Palestinian satirical film-maker Elia Suleiman.

I can feel the nation's arteries furring up already.And while capitalism warmed up for the festival of football to come, ITV fired its first shots in the forthcoming battle against its main World Cup rival.

Unlike Cook, Nelson, Wilberforce or Hillary, he didn't discover new lands, win battles, campaign for human rights or climb mountains.The authors of Shackleton's Way have analysed these idiosyncratic skills, the antithesis of the old command-and-control model, and applied them to modern business practices.

Thursday, October 5, Eddie's Tea Bar, the Cement Works, Leicestershire Working in Eddie's has given me a unique glimpse of how capitalism works.Banknotes are kept in Eddie's apron pocket.

Then again, he also believes that the 21st century - this apparently booming era - will witness the decline and fall of market-based capitalism.But Rifkin, America's best-known techno-sceptic, is speaking from the very heart of the capitalist system.