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In fact, Steven Milunovich of UBS expects Apple to buy back $122 billion of stock over the next two years.This level of buybacks wouldn't be that unusualThis $122 billion might seem like a huge number.

The home improvement retailer had told investors to expect $5 billion in share buybacks this year.Follow the moneySurprisingly strong operating growth is helping fund Home Depot's extra share buybacks.

(Reuters) - BP Plc (BP.L) said on Wednesday it would begin a share buyback programme, making it the first major European energy company to resume buybacks since the 2014 price slump in a sign years of austerity have paid off.

Oil giant signals it is increasingly comfortable with low oil prices as it ramps up growth ambitions Updated Oct.31, 2017 5:06 a.

FILE PHOTO: Brian Moynihan, Chairman of the Board and CEO of Bank of America Corporation attends the World Economic Forum (WEF) annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland January 20, 2017.N) will continue to favour share buybacks over a dividend increase to avoid putting itself in a position where it may have to reduce the dividend in the future, Chief Executive Brian Moynihan said at a conference in London on Wednesday.

“Unlike an investment in the business, share buybacks have no effect on net profit and there is no compounding in future years.Cracker Barrel passed the net profit test ably: Its growth in earnings per share over those years was 13.

And by reducing the number of shares on the market, buybacks make earnings per share look better.In the first quarter of the year, the Federal Reserve data showed net outflows from the American stock market from these sources.

Investors were also paying attention to Apple on Tuesday as some of Wall Street’s top investors — among them Carl C.8 billion bond issue in January, and more than twice as large as AT&T’s $5.

2bn) and tried to steal a march on arch-rival Shell by promising investors that share buybacks would continue.Chief executive Lord Browne described the $3.

As shareholders increasingly demand firms return cash, it has emerged that British business's investment on research and development has plummeted over the past 10 years.92 per cent in 1995 to 1.

US group Quest Diagnostics said yesterday it would buy 15.38m of its shares from Glaxo, and in a secondary offering, the UK company will sell a similar amount.

There was an excellent passage in Lord Wolfson's review of Next's annual results that could have been titled "Share Buybacks for Dummies".In the case of Next, buy-backs would enhance earnings beyond £60 a share.

Shareholders in the Kazakh miner Eurasian Natural Resources Corporation have voted to prevent the board having the power to buy back company shares.A trio of oligarchs, Patokh Chodiev, Alijan Ibragimov and Alexander Machkevitch, are leading a bid to bring the troubled company back into private ownership.

7bn) buying back its shares and handing out higher dividends over two years.Ben Beurden, the new chief executive, said Shell had already started to improve under his watch and had "huge potential" for growth.

George Osborne gets an opportunity to sell off another chunk of shares in RBS at the end of this month when the 90-day period from the last – and first – sell-down ends.But another way to reduce the taxpayer stake in Royal Bank of Scotland would be for the bailed-out bank to buy back the shares itself.

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Apple Inc has approved another $30 billion in share buybacks till the end of 2015 and authorized a rarely seen seven-for-one stock split, addressing calls to share more of its cash hoard while broadening the stock's appeal to individual investors.7 million iPhones in the quarter ended March, far outpacing the roughly 38 million that Wall Street had predicted.

Although stock price appreciation and dividends are the two most common ways of doing this, there is also something called shareholder buybacks.Under a share buyback, a company purchases a certain number of its own shares.

Credit Suisse raised its rating for Yum Brands shares to outperform from neutral, citing the company's aggressive new financial goals presented at its recent analyst day.Yum Brands is in the process of splitting off its China business, which will trade as an independent company called Yum China next month.

4 billion in share repurchases, according to figures released Wednesday by S&P Dow Jones Indices.4 billion, up 12 percent from the fourth quarter of 2015 and the second highest quarterly buyback total ever.

PulteGroup got a big boost from a strong quarterly report and saw shareholders drive the stock up after news that it struck a deal with activist investor Paul Singer's Elliott Management.The stock gained more than 5 percent Thursday, driven in part by a quarterly earnings that topped Wall Street expectations.