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While Americans have been promised a future of electric cars that can drive themselves, dealer showrooms are going back in time, as auto makers launch a slate of roomy off-roaders with nostalgia-inducing names.Ford’s Bronco, the bulky SUV, is returning to the market in 2020, ending a nearly quarter-century hiatus.

28, 2017 5:01 a.ET MOSCOW—A bomb blast at a St.

The explosion left one dead, 21 injured, and caused damage to the site, which is critical to Italy’s natural gas supply Dec.ET An explosion Tuesday at Austria’s largest import hub for natural gas left one dead, a state of emergency in Italy and the highest gas prices in 3 years in the U.

Some private college endowments, many of which are at record values, would be taxed 1.”The tax applies to schools with assets of more than $100,000 per student and exempts small schools.

This fall, SpaceX’s long-awaited, much-delayed Falcon Heavy rocket, designed to carry humans to the Moon or Mars, should finally make its debut on fabled launchpad 39A at Florida’s John F.Kennedy Space Center, off Cape Canaveral.

You're white; you're English.I don't give a shit because you're never going to understand it if you're white and I'm past the point where I really care.

As a programme title, The Brains Trust has nothing going for it except nostalgia.Presumably Radio 3 keeps reviving the iconic 40s Home Service discussion programme to prove that it isn't dumbing down.

Promoters sometimes have their doubts about free-improvisors, so Evan Parker's trio was lucky to be playing two festivals in one on Wednesday.He was at London's Purcell Room with the furiously energetic bassist John Edwards and the guitarist John Russell, a restrained descendant of the Derek Bailey school of swinging atonalism.

• Reports suggest that the producers of the next Bond movie are seeking Welsh crooner Tom Jones to perform the title song; Jones previously belted out the opening track to 1965's Thunderball.Recent themes have not been huge successes, but Tom Jones is a legend and the song would almost certainly be massive.

In London, the front pages on Wednesday are forgoing copy and going with jumbo blow-ups of the moment of devastation - "Apocalypse", "Act of War", "Nightmare".Iraqi TV is reported speaking of the events as "the fruits of America's crimes against humanity".

In the single It Takes More, for example, she criticises the blatant hypocrisy of rap and R&B's obsession with diamonds and the "bling bling" ghetto-fabulous swagger of the likes of P Diddy.Even the fact that she has gone for "Ms" rather than "Miss" is notable, and proves that she is not afraid of making a statement.

Since Tuesday her win has been hailed as a giant step for British black music, which has long languished in the shadows cast by American stars.As the media rushed to analyse the significance of her victory, it became clear that Ms Dynamite's success had altered the musical landscape.

Beneficiaries of cable success include Dave Chappelle, Jamie Foxx and particularly Chris Rock (topping the US box office with Head of State).Whereas Chappelle and Rock come from the college-educated black middle class, Griffin is straight from the ghetto streets, as we discover in his affectionate lampooning of his often raw and colourful family.

They're hardly residing in rock'n'roll Babylon just yet.That's why we could never understand bands like Oasis saying they were going to take over the world.

Lord of the Rings' Karl Urban will take his first starring role in a major Hollywood production in the celluloid adaptation of the blast 'em up video game Doom, according to the Hollywood Reporter.The Kiwi actor, who played Eomer in Peter Jackson's fantasy trilogy, is to star as John Grimm, the leader of a special operations team which will form the film's focus.

The beginning is horrible enough - a mutilated, faceless, handless corpse is found on the city's refuse dump - but it is soon overtaken by the investigation into a massive bomb blast which destroys a mosque and an entire apartment block.He is a hit man, whose expertise is available to anyone with substantial funds.