Results for Tag "bitter"

Results for Tag "bitter"

One day Silas would run into someone from the past, someone who had been in a position of power and had abused it.All the same, he abandoned the trolley and followed Du Boise out of the store.

Most film critics agree that the decision of the Cannes jury to award the Palme d'Or to Michael Moore's documentary film Fahrenheit 9/11 was more to do with politics than with aesthetics.Now we are looking forward to the cutting comments that will come from those American conservatives who have talked about 'old Europe' or the 'Axis of Weasel'.

The Basque Ball, an emotional documentary by the acclaimed director Julio Medem, urges the government to reopen talks with Basque extremists.It received a five-minute standing ovation at the San Sebastian Film Festival after convulsing Spain in an ugly debate over whether it should be outlawed.

It is one thing to criticise a film, but it's another to do all you can to make sure it is never shown.Ms Del Castillo, who refused an invitation to see the film, accused Medem of blaming Mr Aznar as much as the terrorists for the impasse.

Tonight's opening of a second auditorium at the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow has been overshadowed by a row over the future of the original building.At the heart of the argument, and the Bolshoi, is the Beauvais Portico - the 10 marble columns around which the theatre was built.

My friends would play D&D on weekends and I would sit on the couch playing my guitar while they were rolling for 'hit points'.Lee Sullivan · You sir, are a bitter old hack.

Though this collection is only lightly peppered with the trailer-trash characters with which Banks is associated, all are despairing and dissatisfied.That story is essential Banks, and there are many other bitter moments here to cherish.

In other cases (such as the rise of franchising and the spread of obesity), fast food has played a central role.At the end of the list is a seemingly innocuous yet oddly mysterious phrase: "natural flavour".

Towards the end of the book, the narrator/anti-hero Michael, a TV commercial jingles writer whose marriage has fallen apart through no fault but his own, is struggling to adapt Ken Dodd's 'Happiness' without breaching copyright, all the better to sell new Butterness: 'Butterness!Where else on TV could one be taken on a journey from Ken Dodd to Elvis Costello via 'Angels' and 'Misty Blue' in a mere 29 minutes?

At the age of 65, Luciano Pavarotti must inevitably be approaching retirement.At some level he must still crave the opportunity to prove himself on stage as an artist.

She says the reference to Lorenz as Fassbinder's wife is 'ridiculous', and talks of the sickness of those who 'use cadavers for their own purposes'.She says Fassbinder treated her 'like a woman and as his wife'.