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More foreign companies were in Beijing’s crosshairs Friday after including regions like Tibet and Taiwan in a list of independent countries on their websites Jan.ET More foreign companies came into Beijing’s crosshairs Friday for including regions such as Tibet and Taiwan in a list of independent countries on their websites, a day after authorities ordered hotel giant Marriott International Inc.

The French politician'sfirst official visit to Chinais notable for coming as other leaders of the Western world struggle domestically.In fact, Macron appeared as "perhaps the leader of Europe at this very moment" said Philippe le Corre, a research fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School.

The West London Reef in the Spratly Islands of the South China Sea.Source: Copyrighted Satellite Image Courtesy of DigitalGlobeAs China continues to transform disputed territory in the South China Sea into features capable of sustaining air and naval bases, Vietnam is also upgrading areas it occupies.

Chinese officials’ contingency plan includes higher interest rates and tighter capital controls Dec.11, 2017 12:12 p.

Recently evicted migrant workers claim China’s capital has violated their human rights Dec.10, 2017 9:11 a.

Dow Jones, a News Corp companyNews Corp is a network of leading companies in the worlds of diversified media, news, education, and information services Tencent and Alibaba are among the firms that assist authorities in hunting down criminal suspects, silencing dissent and creating surveillance cities Nov.30, 2017 10:38 a.

Dow Jones, a News Corp companyNews Corp is a network of leading companies in the worlds of diversified media, news, education, and information services U.tech companies fought for Dreamers, but their Chinese counterparts haven’t protested in support of migrants being evicted in Beijing Nov.

Australian lawmaker’s demotion for China comments gives momentum to foreign-donations crackdown Nov.30, 2017 4:10 a.

Apartment closures are ostensibly part of a campaign to revamp the city into a sleeker capital Nov.m.

ET Beijing is coming to grips with its Wild West-like financial system—not a moment too soon, many would argue.Its most serious effort yet to tame the financial system’s risks are the result.

Investors betting on recently floated Chinese online lenders should brace themselves for a bumpy ride Updated Nov.22, 2017 4:50 a.

To meet government requirements, makers in China churn out more than they can sell, even with generous subsidies Nov.17, 2017 6:14 a.

China said it would send a special envoy to North Korea, according to the official Xinhua News Agency, days after U.S.

Philippine President Duterte’s softer take on South China Sea dispute alters balance at gathering attended by Donald Trump Updated Nov.14, 2017 1:24 p.

Beyond empty summitry, a harder-edged U.strategy comes into focus Nov.

CHICAGO (AP) -- An altercation between a passenger and a member of the flight crew forced a United Airlines flight bound to Washington to turn around and return to Beijing.The South China Morning Post reports that the jet carrying 212 passengers took off from Beijing Capital International Airport at 7 p.

A scheduled meeting between their foreign ministers in August was cancelled on the sidelines of a regional gathering in Manila amid an argument aboutmilitarization in the South China Seaand island-building.The latter point is a contentious one in the South China Sea, where Vietnam has long saidChina's extensive territorial claim has no legal basis.

China has always been a pressure cooker—too many people, not enough land, and a long tradition of authoritarian governments with a flexible approach to the rule of law that depends on who you are and who you know.But the country is a highly pressurized system in another way too: unlike most major economies, China strictly controls the movement of cash in and out of the country, and actively manages the value of its currency, the yuan.

ET The Chinese government is pushing some of its biggest tech companies—including Tencent, Weibo and a unit of Alibaba—to offer the state a stake in them and a direct role in corporate decisions.Wary of the increasing power of private businesses, internet regulators have discussed taking 1% stakes with social-media powers Tencent Holdings Ltd.