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In July 1935, President Roosevelt added the Federal Theatre Project to his New Deal work relief agencies.Another knock-out success was the International Ladies' Garment Workers' racially integrated production of Pins and Needles.

Politics books inevitably occupy a larger amount of shelf space in the city's many and, for America, still nicely eclectic range of bookstores.That's not to say that the usual bestsellers aren't the bestsellers and buzz-creating books in Washington too.

A Prairie Home Companion - the programme that Keillor hosts each week - inspires levels of devotion that few radio shows can rival.A Prairie Home Companion is an expression of Keillor's personality, his imagination and his values.

In the wake of recent critical complaints at the ratings meeted out by theMotion Picture Association of America, president Jack Valenti has defendedhis organisation's right to impose cuts on films such as Kubrick's erotic Eyes Wide Shut so that they can gain an 'R' certificate.Casting couch • A Men in Blacksequel is materialising, with the hiring of screenwriter Robert 'Addicted to Love' Gordon.

The work ethic is respected in America, especially as pertaining to rock bands.They released five albums, making their name as the sort of watered-down grunge unit that goes down so well in Middle America.

The question now is who can possibly replace the man who was a balding Laurel to the portly Ebert's Hardy?But he also took on the Republican Party's presidential candidate, Bob Dole, in 1995 when he accused Hollywood of marketing 'nightmares of depravity' and 'mainstreaming deviancy'.

I seem to have an affection, a kind of sweet tooth for it,' says the narrator of Toni Morrison's last novel, Jazz.Toni Morrion's fierce resistance to racism, which informs all of her writing, has led critics to dub her racism's 'avenging angel'.

During the weeks before President Bill Clinton's inauguration, Maya Angelou began work at 5.Although public poetry is often a doomed commodity, her inauguration poem 'On the Pulse of Morning' managed to avoid the usual pitfalls (strained sentiment, pomposity) by its resolute simplicity.

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