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Results for Tag "alternative"

The rapper 50 Cent, having previously declared himself a Hillary supporter (and please watch that clip if only for the comedy British journalist who calls him "Mr Cent"), has released a song on his website entitled 50 For President.In it, he explains that "lower[ing] cocaine prices" is "stage one of [his] plan to pacify the depression," because "when everybody high, who gives a fuck 'bout recession?

But the thing is, DC Comics' Minx imprint - the abrupt closure of which was confirmed on Wednesday without even a self-justifying press release – could and should have had a future.By teenage readers, she basically meant teenage girls, and all the Minx books were to have a strong female protagonist.

Secret cinema, nationwide Future Cinema shows films in city farms, derelict theatres, hotel car parks and on rooftops.Before the film the audience is warmed up with live music, performers and drinks.

I loved the album (and still do) apart from one track: the "Sukka mix" of Buffalo Stance ("This is the re-re-remix.My reaction to it, like many other remixes of songs I've ever heard ever since, was pretty much, "Why do that?

com In a helpful and altruistic act, the UK's favourite box sellers Freeview have taken the country's temperature and discovered the top 10 TV memories from the last half century.Personally, I have a different set of TV memories.

I'm always inclined to talk myself out of work, though," she adds, shrugging.Now, all I'm going to be asked about is ageing.

Plonked on a potentially lucrative chunk of real estate south of the centre of Copenhagen, it has existed as a self-proclaimed "freetown" since a group of squatters claimed the ex-military barracks in 1971.For exactly the same reason, Copenhagen's gifted-but-broke literati and arty set have been moving in ever since.

Unlikely as it sounds, all these and more will be taking place during the Hay festival.The Hay Fringe festival, that is.

Now Kylie, 37, aware of her influence, has hit out at stories about her battle with the disease, in particular urging the fans to ignore reports she was seeking alternative therapy.A statement issued on her behalf said: 'Despite the wealth of rumours to the contrary, Kylie is in good spirits and is as healthy as can be expected whilst undergoing her treatment regime in Paris.

I'd replace Emma with Pride and Prejudice, but that's just my own prejudice, and Midnight's Children with.I'd personally go for a Beckett myself - it would probably have to be Godot but you could try and sneak in Malone Dies or Molloy.

Boy has Scott Ritter got 'em.Because Scott Ritter had the cheek to show a certain independence of mind about the whole Iraq issue.

US alt-country rising star Doug Hoekstra has travelled a long way to get his music in front of a sympathetic audience - from Nashville to Brighton in fact.Uncle Tupelo, a four-piece from Bellesville, Illionois, created a whole new movement with their 1990 album No Depression, which married the intensity of punk with the sprawling, languid discontent of the best country songs.

The trouble is that the world and his wife already knew that Jules was a shoo-in for the best actress Oscar.The ubiquity award With last year's runaway winner Jack Nicholson notable by his absence, the award falls to Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Their nominations include Worst Director for Star Wars' George Lucas and Worst Supporting Actor for his controversial computer-animated star Jar Jar Binks, whilst Wild Wild West star Kevin Kline was nominated for Worst Actor and Worst Supporting Actor.Other Worst Actor nominees up for the coveted award - retail value £2.

Well we've cogitated and debated and almost come to fisticuffs (ok, ok, we just counted your votes) and have concocted a list of such dazzling talent, some Hollywood insiders are calling it the definitive Oscars low-down.With The Ice Storm literally storming in for Best Picture and Christina Ricci, true to form, bratishly stealing the show for Best Supporting Actress, it was down to the ever-so-polite Brits to share first place in the essential category of Best Britpic.

The first thing to realise is that you hardly ever win Oscars with movies that are unsuccessful at the box-office.How did Stallone's Rocky beat Scorsese's Taxi Driver and Pakula's All The President's Men in 1976?