I have read with interest your cases when eBay was unfair to its sellers, but eBay is a picnic compared to what Etsy sellers have to endure.I have opened six Etsy shops since 2007 and it has closed all of them on two occasions.

I am contracted to stay here for two years.The capital growth on my investments far exceeds my monthly rental payments.

Poor old Eleanor Rigby.Nobody came to her funeral and now nobody wants to pay enough for her grave, after the deeds to her Liverpool burial plot failed to sell at a Beatles auction.

After the bank issued the new £5 note, one the Rainbow cafe in Cambridgerefused to accept them.It has not said whether it will accept the new tenners.

“I identify as a gay male,” says Liang.” New gay travel firm increases holiday choice for LGBT travellers Read more Liang’s claims highlight potential difficulties across the international transport network, as bureaucracy and individual security staff attempt to keep pace with gender rights.

It is hard to imagine that Iraq's bloody divisions could get very much deeper.The spate of killings that followed was equally predictable; Saturday's 90 or so dead was a fairly average daily toll.

And an analysis by the Guardian shows that those pay rises resulted in much higher pensions for the vice-chancellors, too.As all of them benefited from a final salary pension scheme, which is now closed to new entrants, that rise in salary fed through generously into their retirement benefits.

Its chief executive, Duncan Selbie, told this week’s annual meeting that sitting in meetings “haemorrhages productivity”.Management research on meetings is uniformly hostile, yet like most research it has not the slightest practical effect.

Financial markets now suggest there is a 42% chance of a rate increase in November, up from just 18% a week ago.The squeeze on households and a strengthening economy mean “some withdrawal of monetary stimulus was likely to be appropriate over the coming months”, the Bank said.

Alex Salmond, our first minister, shows me off as his professor, a bijou version of CP Snow joining Harold Wilson's government in 1964.This might work, but it is, as my agent Ian Chisholm says, "high maintenance".

In early 1997, as the then editor of a Muslim youth magazine, Trends, I ran the following spoof job advert under the heading "Vacancy for an imam": 1.) Apply to your local mosque committee.

The Chronicle also reported: "DeLay kept in touch with his campaign staff by phone, said spokeswoman Shannon Flaherty, who was at a celebration of about a dozen staffers and supporters at DeLay's Greatwood campaign headquarters.That weakened DeLay but when he was at the height of his powers that wasn't thought likely to matter.

Even if neither Tessa Jowell nor her husband David Mills have broken any laws, they have certainly broken with Labour's traditional ethos.What are they doing putting their money in complex off-shore hedge funds - just the sort of tax avoidance schemes Gordon Brown keeps trying to shut down in budget after budget?

Linking the words "America" and "dictatorship" is a daily staple of leftwing blogs, which thrive on the idea that Bush administration policies since 9/11 are taking the country ever closer to totalitarian rule.What is surprising - more than that, electrifying - is that the voice belonged to Sandra Day O'Connor, who retired a few weeks ago from the supreme court.

At last the Office of Fair Trading has announced that it wants a new inquiry by the Competition Commission into the big four supermarkets in this country.A market share of 25% is usually enough to trigger an investigation, yet Tesco now controls over 30% of the grocery market.

White, sparkling, even teeth, that is.Maybe it was inevitable, in a world where achievement has to be visible and consumption as conspicuous as possible, that teeth would become wrapped up with status.

Sandra Day O'Connor, recently retired after nearly a quarter of a century on the US supreme court, has spoken eminent sense on this issue to a legal audience in Washington.Justice O'Connor, the first woman to serve on the supreme court, is famous for having tipped the balance in George Bush's favour in the deliberations on the hung election of 2000.

If the creationists are to be allowed to run our state schools, why not Cadbury Schweppes?The FT reported yesterday that the sweetie manufacturer was among a group of companies that held private talks with Ruth Kelly this week about state schools entering partnerships with businesses.

There is an alternative view, however, that Milosevic's exit enables justice to escape a hideous embarrassment.Few reasonable people doubt Milosevic's complicity in tens of thousands of deaths.