Back to the Battlestar

There is no end in sight to the current spate of sci-fi nostalgia, and Battlestar Galactica is the latest franchise to jump on the dilithium-fuelled bandwagon.

21 years since it was last on the silver screen, the Battlestar franchise is currently the subject of an ardent campaign to get it back on celluloid. Richard Hatch, who played Apollo in the Battlestar TV series and went on to star in Delta Force Commando II, has been touting a teaser trailer around Tinseltown in an attempt to drum up enthusiasm.

The original Battlestar flew in on the coat-tails of Star Wars, and few connected with the project appear to object to doing it again. Series creator Glen Larson is set to produce (even though the project doesn't have a studio or a production company behind it yet), and is believed to have recently met with Hatch.

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Wild Wild Wonga

The figures are out, and while Wild Wild West may not have succeeded Big Willie Style, Will Smith can still claim to be Fresh Prince of the box office.

The light-hearted sci-fi Western opened last Wednesday in the US and had taken $50.1m by the end of Independence Day weekend. It has also outdone the performance of heavy hitters The Matrix and Austin Powers II in their first weeks.

However, it's not all good news for Smith. The statistics (and there are a lot of them) also show that Wild Wild West has performed worse in its opening week than both Independence Day and Men in Black, Smith's previous July 4 blockbusters. Will his studio bosses be getting jiggy with it tonight, one wonders?

Roach material

It's amazing what a $150m plus movie can do for your career prospects. Jay Roach is the latest to find out the truth of this maxim as the two-time Austin Powers director is inundated with job offers.

Currently attached to a screen version of Douglas Adams' comic novel The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, it seems that Roach's next project will be for either Universal or Warner Brothers.

Floundering studio MGM have other ideas however and are desperate to get Roach on board their sci-fi Blaxploitation spoof Metalheads.

Metalheads stars two aliens trying to save planet earth from destruction, hampered by the fact that their sole knowledge of humankind comes from Shaft, Superfly and other similarly vibrant characters. MGM are putting great stock in this film, but Roach is yet to get back to them.

Casting couch

• Clint Eastwood is to direct and star in intergalactic thriller Space Cowboys. Clint won't be the only actor in the film to be slightly long in the saddle. The tale of former Air Force pilots trained for an emergency trip on the space shuttle will also star Tommy Lee Jones, James Garner and Donald Sutherland.

• New Warner Brothers comedy Shiny New Enemies currently boasts the fastest expanding cast list in Hollywood. Reports suggest that Twin Peaks and Happiness star Lara Flynn Boyle is the latest to sign up, joining a varied cast that includes Steve Zahn, Salma Hayek, Jeff Goldblum, Tom Wilkinson, David Hyde Pierce and Claudia Schiffer.



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