Since I was not aware of the existence of Hungarian rap before being sent a link to a Hungarian rap video I am assuming the medium is still in its infancy. After all nothing else could explain this. Very basically, a large, shaven-headed man jumps out of a Porcshe and proceeds to walks through a graveyard dressed in a leather trench coat. As he walks he raps, comparing the fates of his "black brothers" Biggie Smalls and Tupac Shakur to the recent victims of terrorism and civil wars. His name is Speak and he has a bunch of backing singers who in a weird falsetto sing "Sometime people make a war/Don't know what it's for/Say you start a war/ No one knows what it's for." At this point Speak mumbles "Business", I guess by way of explanation.

Speak then tells us that he does not want a war either, all the while looking like he might single-handedly invade Abyssinnia. "I just don't want war," he mutters, "Nobody wants war, life is short. Yeah, come on, check it. They just simple people. Want simple life. Want simple land, simple thing. We have so many places where world is big..." It makes Culture Club's "war is stupid" chorus sound like Timothy Garton Ash.

I had assumed that there was no place for Speak's rap other than as source of mirth for YouTube viewers. Then I learnt that Bob Geldof is about to set up a cable and satellite channel devoted to the commendable but dull subject of peace. Speak's song would be the perfect accompaniment to endless footage of people holding doors open for one another and careless drivers politely exchanging insurance details as opposed to beating one another to death on the middle of the Hangar Lane gyratory system. If anyone knows of more Hungarian rap could they please let me know? Oh, and programming suggestions for Mr Geldof's channel would also be more than welcome.



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