If you want a car that will last, consider buying a Japanese brand.

That’s the takeaway from a recent analysis by the research firm iSeeCars.com.

It found that 14 of the 15 vehicles that were most likely to last their original owners for 15 years are from Japanese manufacturers, particularly Toyota. The other was a German-made Volkswagen.

Phong Ly, CEO of iSeeCars.com, notes:

“Japanese automakers are known for setting quality and reliability standards, so it is no surprise that they are the most likely to reach the fifteen-year milestone.”

Toyota models account for nine of the top 15 cars, including the entire top five. The Toyota Highlander took the No. 1 slot, with 18.3 percent of original owners keeping this SUV for 15 years.

More than 650,000 cars were included in iSeeCars.com’s analysis. All were from the 1981-2002 model years and were sold in 2017.

On average, 6.8 percent of original owners kept their cars for 15 years. But looking at the top 15 models, anywhere from 10.6 percent to 18.3 percent of owners kept them that long.

The top 15 vehicles are:

  • Toyota Highlander : 18.3 percent of original owners kept the car for at least 15 years
  • Toyota Sienna : 17.1 percent
  • Toyota Tundra : 15.7 percent
  • Toyota Prius : 15 percent
  • Toyota RAV4 : 14.3 percent
  • Honda Odyssey : 12.8 percent
  • Toyota Sequoia : 12.8 percent
  • Toyota Tacoma : 12.4 percent
  • Honda CR-V : 11.9 percent
  • Toyota Avalon : 11.7 percent
  • Acura MDX : 11.6 percent
  • Toyota Camry : 11.5 percent
  • Subaru Forester : 11.5 percent
  • Nissan Frontier : 11 percent
  • Volkswagen Golf : 10.6 percent

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