Neil Hamilton was in high enough spirits yesterday to joke about his political predicament when he went about constituency business in Tatton, Cheshire.As he left Wilmslow high school with his wife Christine after opening a £6 million extension he held up a ginger biscuit for photographers.

And yet, from today, it will take 21 minutes to get from one side of the Channel to the other.In Europe alone, you can now go to Bo, Brig, Bled, Blaj, Dno, Drama, Elk, Gap, Gent, Most or Vic.

The couple also went shopping free at Harrods at the invitation of Mr Al-Fayed.He told the Guardian: 'I was approached by Ian Greer, who offered to run a campaign.

An embarrassing series of glitches has plagued trial runs of Eurostar's London-to-Paris service.23 from Waterloo arrived at least two minutes ahead of schedule yesterday, as the first fare-paying passengers sampled the inaugural high-speed service.

Both agreed trainers looked better with the white boiler suit she had borrowed from her mother's wardrobe.30am and Jane's watch smashed at 10 to two.

At the start of the interviews, A claimed that he and child B had only seen James briefly in the shopping centre.Under close questioning, he said B 'might have made him follow on behind us and made him get lost somewhere'.

In one blow it has fundamentally weakened the leadership of the government's carefully constructed counter-terrorism strategy in Northern Ireland.Ordinary RUC officers have even been heard to express distrust about the secretive tactics of their colleagues in Special Branch.

The biggest and the most botched travel project of the century eased into operation last week when the futuristic Eurostar trains carried paying passengers from London to Paris through the Channel Tunnel.During this 'Discovery' period two trains will run in each direction from London to Paris and Brussels on weekdays, with four departures each way at weekends.

In Jon's case, 'hyperactivity' went beyond mere fidgeting into outbursts of sudden anger and violence.He was repulsed because he found Robert's disdain for authority scary.

Free to build on Mr Kinnock's and John Smith's solid legacy, Mr Blair yesterday invoked 'socialism in action' and Labour's 'historic principle of solidarity', while making it plain that a Blair team will be rooted in tradition - 'but never chained to it.Victory for Mr Blair was convincing in all three sections - MPs, grassroots members and trade unionists - but not to the degree that it either alarmed or humiliated his opponents.

Senior Northern Ireland military, police, and government officials were among 29 people killed last night when an RAF Chinook helicopter crashed in fog into a hill on the tip of the Mull of Kintyre in western Scotland.Ten RUC officers died, all above the rank of inspector.

Will children who lack adult supervision - as described in 'Lord of the Flies' - regress into savages?She was released 'on licence' 13 years ago after serving 12 years.

Workmen had to remove the damaged front gates of Buckingham Palace after a 21-year-old student crashed his car through them yesterday.One of the 2 1/2 tonne gates was ripped off its hinges and toppled on to his Volkswagen Scirocco and the other was slightly damaged.

Tomorrow a Trial and Error investigation for Channel 4 presents evidence which Mr Gilmour's lawyer, Gordon Ritchie, says blows apart the case against his client.The police interviewing Mr Gilmour never knew about it, and the jury was never told.

Goodbye British Rail, butt of music hall jokes hello Railtrack and the 25 new operating units into which BR's passenger operations split from today.This one is about whether the private sector can run inherently lossmaking activities more efficiently.

Survivors of the Marchioness river boat disaster, in which 51 people died, yesterday gave graphic accounts of the last panic-stricken moments on board as the dredger Bowbelle scythed the smaller vessel down.Jonathan Phang, a model agent, told the inquest that he was trapped under water after the boat rolled over on August 20, 1989, on the Thames.

The company objected particularly to claims that a McDonald 's-style diet high in saturated fat was linked to some forms of cancer, he said.More than 150 witnesses are expected to be called, half by Mr Morris and Ms Steel.

The syllabus on Fridays just before the first world war normally relaxed enough to include a debating class for my father and his contemporaries from Raywood Street, Battersea.Nobody from Raywood Street school would - for example - have expected the route to come near them.

He also praised the defeated Margaret Beckett for performing 'so brilliantly' in the House of Commons as interim leader.Let me say to them: 'If you cannot change the country for the better after 15 years, you never will'.

In the contest, Blair represented the right and the modernisers, John Prescott appealed to Labour's left and its traditional instincts.But Margaret and Leo Beckett, her trade unionist husband and chief of staff, would not be human if they did not feel bruised.