Asked to explain how the body could have got there, Mr Delgado replied: 'That's a good question.According to other versions, Mr Maxwell was found to be missing at around 11am when he failed to answer a telephone call to his cabin.

A campaign is being launched for the 'forgotten victims' of Aids - 170 people who received infected blood from the National Health Service, but who are excluded from haemophiliacs' compensation.He condemns the government's refusal to make amends as 'callous and illogical'.

A brief statement by his publicist, Roxy Meades, said: "Freddie Mercury died peacefully at his home.But it was A Night at the Opera which furnished the group with a number one hit.

The police carried out forensic tests on the brothers' clothes.First, there was something not quite right about Wayne's confessions.

MPs of all parties are backing a campaign for the 'forgotten victims' of Aids whose plight was revealed in The Observer last week.Shadow Health Minister Harriet Harman, long a campaigner for an NHS 'no-fault' compensation scheme, plans to raise the subject of transfusion victims during a debate on findings of the health service ombudsman.

An IRA intelligence officer who turned Special Branch informer yesterday described how he was interrogated by a member of the Provisional's Northern Command who claimed to have been trained in Libya.Alexander 'Sandy' Lynch, aged 35, told Belfast crown court: 'He said that it didn't really matter if I recognised him because where I was going I wouldn't be able to tell any one.

When Tony Blair stepped up to speak from the rostrum yesterday on global economic options it was obvious that the Labour leader has acquired bigger shoulders over the summer break.But every step away from what Gordon Brown is now calling "Past Labour" - substituting government for the marketplace - towards "New Labour" - making the market economy both more efficient and fair - has a cumulative impact.

According to a growing list of eminent lawyers as well as Amnesty, the Tottenham Three have become a classic case of miscarriage of justice.On new psychological evidence avout his low intelligence and suggestibility, Engin Raghip's case has been referred back to the Court of Appeal.

Twenty-five years of neglect and shoddy practices in the shipping industry and government bodies led to the Marchioness river boat disaster in which 51 people were killed, according to the official report into the accident.She called for a full independent inquiry into the Department of Transport's system of licensing boats.

Freddie Mercury, rock's showman incarnate, died last night, 24 hours after he confirmed he was suffering from Aids.A brief statement by his publicist, Roxy Meades, said: 'Freddie Mercury died peacefully at his home.

In June 1986, in a squat off Walworth Road in south-east London, Mark 'Spit' Balcombe, a 19-year-old squatter who had spent much of his life in council care, was stabbed to death.At the Old Bailey trial in May 1987, Mr O'Neill was convicted of murder and sentenced to life imprisonment.

As prolonged applause thundered on, few of Mr Blair's listeners appeared immediately to have grasped that the new leader had chosen to use his first conference speech since succeeding John Smith to tackle Clause Four.Once his purpose became clear, the miners' leader, Arthur Scargill, rushed to condemn it on BBC Television's Conference Live programme.

All London's rail termini were closed, disrupting the journeys of 470,000 commuters and bringing chaos to the capital.At about 7am, a man with an Irish accent phoned the London Transport travel centre in central London with a warning in which he said: 'We are the Irish Republican Army.

Unionists last night demanded more military action of the kind that resulted in the deaths of three IRA members shot by an undercover army unit yesterday in the village of Coagh, County Tyrone.The killings revived allegations from Sinn Fein of a shoot-to-kill policy by the security forces.

He knows what his party finds erotic: the old seduction routine of 'them' and 'us'.Thatcher fell for his boyish charm and what Cowling calls Portillo's 'hard, practical intelligence'.

The results can now be seen in a variety of new buildings within Westminster's boundaries, some extremely visible.For some it meant incentives to build outside the borough and take Westminster's rent-paying, mostly Labour-voting working class with them.

For more than three hours hundreds of riot police and demonstrators were involved in confrontations that led to injury, arrests and the trashing of dozens of stores in Oxford Street.At one stage demonstrators fled, some screaming, into McDonald's restaurant at Marble Arch as police advanced.

Paul Preston, president of McDonald 's UK, said the clown was intended not to 'sell food' but to promote 'the McDonald 's experience'.Its executives explained that 'nutritious' simply meant that the food 'contained nutrients'.

The couple also went shopping free at Harrods at the invitation of Mr Al-Fayed.He told the Guardian: "I was approached by Ian Greer, who offered to run a campaign.

Improvising from his prepared text, Mr Major said of Mr Hamilton: "I have to tell the House that since Sir Robin completed his report other unconnected allegations which were not the subject of his investigation have been made against my honourable friend.As an angry Mr Hamilton and his Thatcherite allies drafted a stinging "resignation|" letter, other Tories complained that Tony Blair had got it right in denouncing "decision-making on the run".