None of Mr Howard's three arguments for opposing tougher anti-racist laws hold water.In fact, there is no existing law making racial harassment or racial violence a specific offence.

For you know, the truth is that, as much as things have changed on the surface, underneath we are still the same people'.He said it was time to return to 'the old values of neighbourliness, decency and courtesy'.

At midday, Mr Smith, apparently facing defeat, took the high-risk decision to draft in the sometimes unpredictable Mr Prescott to make a final appeal to wavering delegates.Playing on his impeccable working-class credentials, Mr Prescott reassured delegates to storming applause that Mr Smith had no hidden agenda to break the union-party link.

Little more than a minute later James was filmed going across the upper level of the complex close to the two defendants, Mr Henriques said.From the moment James was first seen on camera with the two boys to the time he left the centre with them was one minute 39 secs, said Mr Henriques.

We saw every shop, every set of traffic lights, every car, every church, every passer-by.Three images told the story with eerie simplicity: they showed James on his own; a young boy holding James's hand, leading him away; and James's mother, alone, looking for her baby.

The Asylum Act , which comes into force today, will increase the number of asylum seekers who find themselves on an international merry-go-round, shunted from airport to airport as governments pass the buck, claims Amnesty International.Refugees fleeing persecution are expected to seek asylum in the first 'safe' country they reach.

In what the prosecution described as a 'compilation video', the court was shown a sequence of frames which captured the vital moments before James went missing.At 3.

Fears of renewed racial violence in south-east London were raised yesterday after charges against two teenagers accused of murdering a black schoolboy, Stephen Lawrence , were dropped.The Crown Prosecution Service said there was 'insufficient evidence to provide a realistic prospect of a conviction' in a case which has sparked anti-racist demonstrations across London.

THE jury at the James Bulger trial yesterday heard that a woman had seen a young child with a 'terrible bump' on his head in the presence of two older boys and told them to 'hurry home to his mum'.She saw two boys pulling a baby up some steps.

As representatives were still cheering, a clutch of cabinet ministers paraded on the television networks to declare the speech 'brilliant' - the Treasury Secretary, Michael Portillo, described it as 'a great performance' - and to emphasise what the Transport Secretary, John MacGregor, called his personal qualities as 'a man of vision, decency and integrity'.Privately, senior ministers remain more agnostic about Mr Major's survival chances if next June's Euro elections and other hazards go badly.

A British army absentee was being hunted by military police yesterday after he addressed the biggest demonstration held in London since the Gulf war began.Soldiers were sent to the Gulf 'poorly equipped and poorly prepared', he said.

The stage was relentlessly set for the triumph of John Major yesterday.The Liberals, apparently, are 'federalism's fifth column'.

Mrs McCarrick, sounding distressed, said: 'They both had hold of the little boy's hand.The little boy gave me his hands and I thought he was tired.

5 billion Channel Tunnel project began.Final breakthrough between the two ends of the 32-mile service tunnel is expected at 11am, with the last few yards being excavated by hand.

But yesterday the outside world got a taste of the conditions Channel tunnel workers face in the first 'passenger' train to attempt a Channel crossing.It's a man's world all those miles along the Channel tunnel.

They found that the boys, known as child A and child B, were capable of basic moral judgments.Whenever the subject of James's death was mentioned he 'cried unconsolably'.

The recovery was indicated by the return of confidence - its vital ingredient, he said, in a muted speech in which he pledged to fight for permanently low inflation and to reduce the standard tax rate to 20p.He also said he would not allow a single EC currency to be imposed on Britain without the consent of Parliament.

David Martin-Sperry, representing Mr Wellington, said: 'There is the clearest sign of a conspiracy among officers to implicate Mr Wellington.Another six had given evidence which was unreliable, said Mr Mansfield.

Born in Stockport in 1949, Miss Ward loved horses and on leaving school and a broken home got a job as a stable girl on the Isle of Man.She was inclined to be extravagant in what she said to people'.

Her letter ends: 'My life is not mine any more, it belongs to the HIV virus.The government's claim that this group of sufferers is in a different position to the haemophiliacs is 'increasingly threadbare', he said.