What I do mean is your reaction to the well-groomed, self-assured black woman having dinner by herself.We do have as much right as anyone to dine out.

They even produced that improbable figure, a social worker on the GLC women's committee who is also a practising Tory.When Mr Hurd speaks about society, you sense there is a mind at work which is not that of either the Prime Minister or a life-stained Home Office official.

One of the most significant chapters in Britain's trade union history was closed last night when miners reluctantly agreed to call off their strike in a mood of bitterness and tears, almost a year after it had begun.By returning to work without an agreement, the union has still not resolved its problems with the NCB over pay.

The bomb brought tons of rubble through seven floors of the Grand Hotel, Brighton, miraculously missing Mrs Thatcher but killing the Conservative MP for Enfield South, Sir Anthony Berry.The statement, addressed to Mrs Thatcher, said in part: "Today we were unlucky, but remember we only have to be lucky once.

With costs of the three-week High Court trial estimated at £700,000, the Star 's front-page story published last November will cost its owners, Express Newspapers more than £1 million.After shaking each of the jurors by the hand, Mr Archer left the court saying the 'verdict speaks for itself.

Nor did the substance of Mrs Thatcher's speech endanger her status here as a favourite daughter.Later in the day, during private talks with President Reagan, the issue arose when they discussed the Geneva arms negotiations next month.

One of Thatcherism's most startling gifts to British society is to have thoroughly politicised it.Consider the areas where a political test - a test of commitment to Thatcherism - now applies with an intensity never known before.

The IRA claimed responsibility for the attack.There were 'self-evident security difficulties' at the headquarters because the base was sprawling and crossed by several public roads.

It was difficult to encourage conversation among Catholics in Derry yesterday about the Anglo -Irish agreement and what it might mean to them.Its initial letters are derided in the Bogside as standing for the Stoop Down Low Party.

More than 30,000 students marched in the chilly wind and brisk sunshine to hear their union's president.Most importantly, Mr Woolas , believes that the students ' intention to intervene in parliamentary elections will count for more than any of their similar campaigns to date.

The connection, Mr Dalyell suggested, was that Miss Murrell's nephew, Mr Rob Green, had been a naval intelligence officer during the Falklands conflict.But at a press conference yesterday Mr Cozens said his officers still believe that the woman's death was the result of a burglary which went tragically wrong.

Their haul also included diamonds worth £12,000, two pouches of traveller's cheques, and three drums of scrap gold - the sweepings from jewellery.An inquiry into security at the Queen's Warehouse had already been started after an attempted break-in two weeks ago.

The seven-month pit strike, she insisted, was not of the Government's seeking, or of its making.On the contrary, the Government had done everything it could to prevent it - indeed, she added, 'some would say too much.

Twenty seven people died last night and dozens were taken to hospital after breathing in smoke after fire broke out under an escalator inside King ' s Cross underground station in central London.More than 150 firefighters and 30 engines were involved in what the fire brigade described as the most serious incident in recent years.

Scotland Yard released an artist's impression of 'Mr Kipper' the man whom Miss Lamplugh was showing around a house in Shorrolds Road, Fulham.They said: 'Please let her go.

The surprise was that there was no surprise.No huge, 'irresponsible' cut in income tax.

That inquiry will need to examine closely some of the charges made already about the specific circumstances of what happened at King ' s Cross.That some passengers who might otherwise have escaped were actually shepherded by station staff and police towards the flames and smoke that were to consume them?

The News of the World, using tape recordings and photographs, published an account yesterday and by lunchtime Mr Archer was gone.He denied vigorously that he had ever met Miss Coghlan and said he had fallen into a trap.

Half-an-hour before leading Tory backbenchers met Sir Keith Joseph last week to tell him that his college tuition fees scheme was dead and must soon be buried, they were being briefed by an expert on student union affairs.In the recent quiet years the NUS has been establishing a direct line to the seat of power.

A Labour MP yesterday challenged Mrs Thatcher to refund any tax taken from the Live Aid benefit.His letter to Mrs Thatcher calling for a refund of VAT is part of his long-standing fight to reduce the taxation burden on charities.