In time the hubbub subsides and in the still reflection that follows the idea often no longer seems quite so outrageous.All were - to a greater or lesser extent - shocking ideas at the time but have since become common practice.

The South-West Water Authority has dismissed the senior executive responsible for the district in which 20 tons of a toxic chemical was accidentally poured into the public water mains in July.As district manager for Fowey in Cornwall, mr John Lewis was in administrative charge of the Lowermoor treatment works, near Camelford , where the contamination took place.

A crusade- or perhaps jihad is a better word- against blasphemy is a good way to unite the Islamic world.After having read Rushdie's novel, he wrote on October 12 to say that he regarded it as an insult to Islam.

Other millions of people round the world will find it difficult not to notice today's unprecedented telethon, and with luck it will cause another tidal wave of generosity.But the hunger which immediately menaces half the continent is Only one aspect, albeit the most obviously horrific, of Africa's multiple crises, which has become a gigantic vicious circle.

They were encouraged, however, by the scale of his victory over Mr Alan Beith , the former Liberal deputy leader, by 71.1%, a result which establishes him as a leader with a clear mandate to chart the party's future in his own way.

The telephone directory sized report aims for a £40bn cut in public spending, an ultimate reduction in income tax and VAT rates to 10% and a bonfire of state regulations.It says that the report "points the way to a competitive, deregulated, high-growth, low-tax Britain, with a much increased degree of individual wealth, freedom and responsibility.

Emergency services: Up-to-date station plans should be positioned as specified by the London Fire Brigade.Defects found in annual fire brigade inspections should be remedied within six weeks.

In his statement to reporters at the House of Commons, Mr Ashdown said: 'The document reported to have been stolen from the safe of my solicitors, Bates, Wells and Braithwaite, and subsequently offered by the thief for sale to newspapers, refers to me.He said Mr Ashdown had told him of the five-month affair, which took place in 1986, on May 31 1990.

Scotland Yard said police were investigating a disaster which could be 'a serious criminal matter'.The impact ripped the cruiser's superstructure from the hull.

He was upset by rumours of his friend Moseley's death, but was involved in a higher league of armed robbery and anxious to pull off a large job.In September 1975 Cornwall's body was found in a shallow grave outside Hatfield in Hertfordshire.

Freddie Mercury 's death from Aids was mourned by fans on Britain's airwaves yesterday, while charities treated it warily as an occasion for generalised warnings about the risks of sexual promiscuity.But I don't want to comment on this particular case.

The implication was that he had fought off the man who had killed Gary Wilson.George Long's time inside has not been easy.

But John's position is immensely stronger than his predecessor's because it's based on consent.Then there is opera, Norma Major's passion, which brings in Mellor (again), but also Michael Portillo, another future star.

There must be some rational explanation for why that county has produced both Edwina Currie and Dennis Skinner - the motor-mouth and the turbo-heckler.Though their politics could not be more different, Dennis and Edwina have everything else in common.

The Lord Chief Justice seemed to sniff something nasty in the air.Peering out over half-moon spectacles, Lord Lane's weary face was the mask of Justice embarrassed.

Although the cause will probably never be known for certain, she feels a bitter resentment towards the water authority.According to South West Water's official report, the water authority approached Dr Grainger of the district health authority for his opinion.

The child's father was back in prison shortly after the birth.On October 19, 1984, a postman, Gary Penny, arrived to deliver mail and found Ms Fletcher crying 'my baby, my baby.

The streets crunched under foot with the sound of fuselage fragments and masonry debris.The petrol station on Carlisle Road, originally thought to have exploded during the impact, was charred around the roof, but solid.

Cornish television viewers will be treated this month to a new advert for the South West Water Authority.In October 1987, Lewis again protested in a confidential memo sent to the authority's head of operations.

A YEAR ago, hardly anyone knew who or what John Major was.John Major arrived without trace.