That inquiry will need to examine closely some of the charges made already about the specific circumstances of what happened at King ' s Cross.That some passengers who might otherwise have escaped were actually shepherded by station staff and police towards the flames and smoke that were to consume them?

The News of the World, using tape recordings and photographs, published an account yesterday and by lunchtime Mr Archer was gone.He denied vigorously that he had ever met Miss Coghlan and said he had fallen into a trap.

Half-an-hour before leading Tory backbenchers met Sir Keith Joseph last week to tell him that his college tuition fees scheme was dead and must soon be buried, they were being briefed by an expert on student union affairs.In the recent quiet years the NUS has been establishing a direct line to the seat of power.

A Labour MP yesterday challenged Mrs Thatcher to refund any tax taken from the Live Aid benefit.His letter to Mrs Thatcher calling for a refund of VAT is part of his long-standing fight to reduce the taxation burden on charities.

The article is simply the first shot in the latest campaign by the Adam Smith Institute, a body which has built up a startling track record for floating ideas which end up on the statute books.It subcontracts much of its work to a pool of 250 or so academics, businessmen, economists, retired civil servants and journalists.

The Lowermoor treatment works is the plant in which, on July 6, by an appalling accident, 20 tons of aluminium sulphate was poured into the wrong tank, very rapidly polluting the mains water supply of surrounding area.Worse, the earlier samples which have now been tested, and which the Lowermoor Liaison Group has now made public, were in fact available to the authorities from the start but apparently ignored.

Conditions in the Queen's Building immigration detention centre at Heathrow airport are not very good, a senior immigration official admitted yesterday.But the centre "fulfils a useful operational need for us.

A doctor in Camelford , North Cornwall, said yesterday that he had noticed personality changes in his patients since July when 20,000 people in the area received contaminated water.Many people were ill after more than 7,000 homes received drinking water containing aluminium, lead and copper well above World Health Organisation guidelines.

But the missionaries were more prudent, since the world of which they had such high hopes was the next world.But the aim of these people is a grander one, and it was proclaimed in a banner over the Wembley stage: 'Feed the World.

More nagging, bloody conflicts have been settled in 1988 than in any year since the end of the Second World War.There is also a tide of evil, a force of destruction.

A second member of the party, who was also trapped in the avalanche , Mrs Charles Palmer-Tomkinson, sustained leg injuries.Eye-witnesses said that Prince Charles, who was lifted off the slope by a second helicopter, was visibly distressed.

The densely-packed seating on holiday charter flights seems likely to become a focal point for the official investigation of the disaster.The charter version, operating on far tighter profit margins, has the seats placed closer together to accommodate another 15 people.

But if that's the way it has to be, you have to use glamour.That's a conservative estimate,' said Mr Geldof.

A water authority revealed yesterday that it has paid a total of Pounds 38,000 to 140 families and is considering another 285 claims after one of Britain's worst cases of water pollution.Payments by South West Water so far range from Pounds 1, for a bottle of mineral water, to Pounds 10,000 for a farmer who lost livestock.

The Prime Minister was still working last night on the final stages of the ministerial reshuffle among the junior ranks of her government, after announcing that she had appointed the millionaire best-selling novelist, Mr Jeffrey Archer , to be Mr Tebbit's deputy at Tory Central Office.Mrs Thatcher has sacked Mr John Stradling Thomas as Minister of State at the Welsh Office, compensating him with a knighthood.

The security service routinely watches diplomatic staff from Communist and other 'hostile' embassies.But a recent Cuban defector to the West, Mr Florentino Azpillaga Lombard, is believed to have been with the British agents.

On the first day of the inaugural conference of Britain's newest political movement, the party placed itself firmly in one of Britains' oldest political traditions - complete confusion.The 2,000 delegates wandered around like people emerging from a deep coma, struggling to remember who they were and what they were here for.

She had been punched and stabbed and left to die of exposure.It is known that private investigators, some of who have been contacted by Special branch officers from the West Mercia force, work from time to time for the security service.

The SLD formally became the democrats yesterday when the conference approved the new name as the party's official short working title by a substantial majority, although also leaving local parties the freedom to emphasise different elements of the party's name.An amendment from Stratham, south London, 'recognising that variations in the emphasis which is given locally to different elements of the Party's name are inevitable and sometimes electorally desirable' was carried.

Organisers of the Live Aid rock marathon said yesterday that some of the more than pounds 4 million donated in Britain could be helping the starving of Africa within six weeks.5 per cent of Ethiopia's annual gross domestic product.