Two youths aged 16 and 17 were charged with murder but were later released after the CPS said there was a lack of evidence.The inquest was halted in December after Michael Mansfield, QC, for the family, said 'dramatic' new evidence had been unearthed including information identifying three new suspects.

I was shocked and disgusted by the very serious allegations made against me in the Guardian newspaper this morning.As the minister responsible for defence exports I acted entirely correctly by turning the whole matter over to Ministry of Defence officials within the Defence Exports Sales Organisation.

Tony Blair got 542,000 votes and became leader of the Labour Party.He inherits something much more terrifying: a common belief that Labour's hour has come.

We intend to show that the public face of McDonald 's is a fraud, and that the truth that lies behind their image is far from savoury,' Ms Steel said.The leaflet, What's wrong with McDonald 's?

But to the gall of Nicholas Grimshaw, the architect, and European Passenger Services the terminal built for up to 15,000 passengers an hour is eerily empty.They were selected from the 36 regional award winners on the shortlist for the award won by Waterloo.

DTI-appointed inspectors are looking at alleged share purchases in Anglia Television in January - around the time the company agreed a takeover bid by MAI plc, the owners of Meridien TV.Mary Archer , the peer's wife, was a non-executive director of Anglia Television at the time.

In surveying the candidates for Labour's top jobs, it is therefore vital to try to balance two complementary considerations.But she is rooted by choice and record within the narrow and change-resisting world of Labour Party internal politics.

It spoke to the party's heart as well as its head.The lights stayed down for a while, encouraging us to believe that the new Labour party wasn't quite as efficient as we'd come to believe.

Next week, Mr Major is hosting an 'egghead dinner' at No 10, in order to brainstorm with the thinkers.Solid ideas - on health, education, social policy and the economy - are needed to flesh out the Blair message.

As the foreman said 'guilty' to the count of murder, Susan Venables, Jon's mother, cried and his father, Neil, buried his head in his hands.His solicitor, Lawrence Lee, said later that he had broken down after the murder verdict and said: 'Would you please tell them I'm sorry.

In early January 1990, three young prisoners, Kenny Carter, Jason Rochford and Darren Brook were sharing a cell in Durham jail.On January 6, Darren Brook was found hanging in the cell.

Full-time teachers should be supplemented in the classroom by volunteer specialists, opening schools to outside experts, Tony Blair , Labour leadership candidate, said yesterday in the second of his five keynote election addresses.The speech came as Mr Blair's circle claimed that his election campaign was forcing the Tories to defend their approach to the community, civil society and the balance between rights and responsibilities, issues on which the Conservatives were vulnerable and divided.

It matched that of samples of blood taken from the shoe of child B.Tests on blood from the shoes of child A failed, probably due to insufficient sample, Mr Jackson said.

The boy, who is named as child B, erupted into an uncontrollable burst of crying during the fifth of a series of 10 taped interviews at Lower Lane police station in Fazakerly in Liverpool.The jury has heard evidence from psychiatrists that child B is incapable of talking about James.

Brian Walsh, QC, defending boy B, conceded that his client had taken part in the attack.He said it was unpleasant having to accuse an 11-year-old boy of having launched a 'sudden and sustained attack on little James'.

I thought of the Red Queen in Alice, first bawling her head off, then diminished to a tiny squeak.She was terribly exercised by an article which had appeared in House Beautiful in which it had been depicted as Barbara Castle's Georgian farmhouse.

Many members of the Labour Party are confident of success at the next general election.For 'You Can't Trust Labour' in 1992, read 'You Can't Trust the Tories' in 1997.

But the GMB leader's pivotal role at the party conference will ensure that his remarks will be studied closely as a possible early indicator of discontent building.Ironically, the latest outbreak of unease comes as Mr Blair's poll standing reached new heights this week.

Instead, he told the delegates straight that union influence over Labour party affairs would diminish.At any rate, Tony Blair does not seem to pay it much mind.

MPs had not been due to return from their Whitsun recess for another eight days.Last night's Cabinet committee meeting, originally billed as a stocktaking exercise, took on a more desperate tone after the mid-afternoon capture of British troops around Gorazde.