The 138-page report, Tobacco's Hidden Children, reveals the dangers and harmful conditions of tobacco work.The company has also assisted in changing Kazakh legislation to allow for child farm workers to go to school.

Tony Hayward's appointment as chairman of Glencore Xstrata is causing controversy in the City, with some investors ready to demand meetings with top officials from the commodities conglomerate.Some investors had wanted a chairman from outside the business to be appointed in an attempt to refresh the boardroom.

It's easy to be sniffy about the appointment of Kristin Forbes to the Bank of England's monetary policy committee.If the issue is improving gender balance, then are there no equally well qualified home-grown candidates who could do the job just as well?

The average wealth of households in the southeast had surged to £309,000 at the end of 2012, up 30% since the first wealth report published by the ONS covering 2006-8 – while the average rise in England was only 6%.But wealth in the north-east had fallen, the only region where it did so, to an average of just under £143,000.

6m fine for rigging Libor imposed on City broking house RP Martin because the broker said it faced collapse if it had to pay the full sum demanded.The Financial Conduct Authority – levying its sixth penalty for rigging the benchmark interest rate – reduced the fine to £900,000 and then applied a further discount to reward the firm's co-operation, taking the amount finally demanded to just £630,000.

It would be sorrowful if job cuts in the medical and pharmaceutical research and development in the private sector were to occur due to this takeover.Successive governments, unfortunately, have undermined the valuable national asset that is the university research base by chronic underfunding, continuous interference and over-burdening regulation.

Pascal Soriot, the chief executive of AstraZeneca, has stepped up his attack on the business model of Pfizer, the US drugs company stalking the UK business, and warned that the British drugs group could be damaged by Pfizer's tax avoidance plans.The move is designed to move away from the US's higher rate of corporation tax, but US Democratic senators angered by the strategy have expressed determination to close this legal loophole.

National Grid is preparing to start talks over which future energy supplies could be cut off to some businesses between 4pm and 8pm in an attempt to head off a power crunch and blackouts this coming winter.We will consider in the coming weeks whether we are going to exercise those rights," said Steve Holliday.

5m sq km) South China Sea.All the same, China's scare tactics appear to be working.

If 300 workers were to die in a nuclear accident or a shale gas blast, such an energy source would be doomed.Yet coal continues to exert a mesmeric hold on the world's imagination, especially on the left.

Anger at the deadly mine explosion in Turkey spread across the country on Thursday as thousands of workers joined a protest strike, demonstrators clashed with security forces, and families began to bury scores of men killed in the disaster.The president, Abdullah Gül, visiting the area, described Tuesday's explosion as "a huge disaster", adding: "The pain is felt by all".

But to bail out those banks, eurozone governments instead compounded the problem, lending their taxpayers' money to Greece.Blackmailed by the threat of being forced out of the euro, local taxpayers in Ireland, Portugal and Spain were also bullied into paying for foreign banks' mistakes.

Today's data shows that three quarters of the population have some kind of pension wealth, with public-sector workers outstripping the private sector across the board by a considerable margin.The ONS survey, covering the period 2010-12, is the third data point since 2006 of the wealth distribution in Britain, enabling tentative conclusions to be drawn about the direction of travel.

The grocer said a consultation with 4,100 senior store staff had begun.It is thought as many as 2,600 will leave rather than accept an alternative, lower-paid job.

Let's explore an alternative way to frame sustainability, one that might have better outcomes when appealing to companies' sustainability officers.In the forum, David Melancon, the chief marketing officer of Benjamin Moore & Co.

All of us know that the number of dead is much higher than the one they announced.Fury was directed at the Turkish prime minister, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, stoked by the government's perceived cosiness with mining tycoons, and its failure to enforce safety standards.

The violence has been sparked by the dispute concerning China stationing an oil rig in an area of the South China Sea claimed by Vietnam.He said: "Their violent acts have posed serious threats to the lives of Vietnamese members of law enforcement.

Bristol-based OVO blamed increases in the cost of wholesale power last month for its decision to unveil its first price rise for 12 months.OVO's new price for a dual fuel customer will be £1028 – still over £158 cheaper than the standard Big Six tariffs, it argued.

Steve Holliday, the company's chief executive, described the property portfolio as a "well-kept embarrassing secret" that put the grid in the same category as other unlikely landholders such as the Church of England and Network Rail.The energy network boss said the current fast-escalating values and huge demand for building land had brought a sale plan originally drawn up before the financial crash back onto the company's agenda.

Oil companies BG Group and Petrofac suffered shareholder revolts against excessive executive "golden hello" payments on Thursday.One in three BG Group investors voted against the company's remuneration report after its new finance director was handed a "golden hello" of shares which could be worth £4.