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Results for query "le du"

S.Federal Trade Commission said on Friday it had closed its investigation of several agreements between Honeywell International Inc (HON.

“A number of anomalies were noted on Renault vehicles.So there could be other investigations,” Environment Minister Segolene Royal said in an interview with French weekly Le Journal du Dimanche.

“We must find a deal allowing Greece to avoid an imminent disaster and durably return to employment, growth and investment,” Sapin told Le Journal du Dimanche.Asked what would happen if Greece exited the euro zone, Sapin said: “It’s an unknown area.

French home furnishings chain Maisons du Monde began its first day of trading on the Euronext Paris Friday, after setting the price of its global offering at 17 euros ($19) per share.Before the morning had finished, Maisons du Monde had already charged higher with gains of above 4 percent, before paring later in trade.

” “There is the cost of immigration, which is considerable,” Le Pen said.In addition to these cost cuts, Le Pen also wants to reform the the way France funds its debts.

So of course, in France, Le Pen has "no chance.National Front leader Marine Le Pen is expected to lose to Emmanuel Macron in France's presidential runoff election this Sunday.

After 32 years, Cirque is hoping it will be able to expand its brand beyond its famed acrobatic pageants.Source: Cirque du Soleil Cirque du Soleil at the Lyric Theatre in downtown New York City To survive on the Great White Way, "Paramour" had to fit in certain expectations held by Broadway audiences, but in doing so, it dissolved elements of its iconic brand.

The FN leader Marine Le Pen is just starting her campaign under a revolutionary headline "Au Nom du Peuple" ("In the Name of the People").These countries' emphasis on faster growth is very much in tune with similar policy intent of the new administration.

Teaming up with Cirque du Soleil, the experience will offer a permanent interactive exhibit to football fans visiting New York.The highest grossing professional sports league and world's largest theatrical producer announced the Times Square experience will open in the fall of 2017.

Two Eurostar trains bound for London have been delayed and a station evacuated after the discovery of a “world war souvenir”.French police were called to Paris Gare du Nord station after the find, which was reported to be a shell, on Sunday morning.

Facebook Twitter Pinterest La Laiterie du Berger is currently generating sales of dairy products, including milk, of £4m a year in Senegal.The 10 biggest industrial players in contrast have dairy sales of £24m, of which La Laiterie du Berger’s share is £4m.

In the end, Jan du Plessis folded in the predictable style of most big company chairmen.It is possible, of course, to sympathise with the position du Plessis found himself in.

SABMiller’s chairman, Jan du Plessis, would look ridiculous if, having used those words last week when rejecting a £42.In practice, Du Plessis may feel his freedom to speak his mind is constrained by the views of his big shareholders.

Both have been trying to increase their shareholdings in Le Monde in recent months.When he suggested compulsory redundancies in April, Le Monde was hit by three days of strikes.

Should one rename SocGen Le Roc du Nord?Leroy, whose clients own assets of €60bn, insists the SocGen crisis is endemic to a banking sector out of internal and external control.

Luxury perfumes such as Calvin Klein's Eternity and Cartier's Le Baiser du Dragon contain potentially hazardous synthetic chemicals, Greenpeace alleged yesterday.In a report, "Eau de Toxines", the environmental campaigning group claimed that wearing perfume exposes people to chemicals that can enter the body and may cause unwanted side-effects.

Even given the difficult climate, Le Monde is in trouble.Part of Le Monde's problems are tied up with peculiar logistical obstacles which make production and distribution extremely expensive.

For years, Plantu has caricatured France's rich and powerful on the front page of the heavyweight national daily newspaper, Le Monde.The betting is that Le Monde will list up to 25% of its shares on the bourse.

But by this time, Du Cann was chairman of the 1922 Committee, the Conservative party’s parliamentary group.But a hiatus opened in Du Cann’s career.