The Tate Gallery's Turner Prize, for an outstanding contribution to art in Britain, has once again been won by a non-resident artist.This year's award to the sculptor Tony Cragg, who was presented with a cheque for £10,000 by Alan Yentob, controller of BBC2, at a dinner in the Tate last night, will renew the controversy over the award, one of the most lucrative in British art.

Things were a little different back at Devil's Dyke.Much of the older generation was noticeably absent from Devil's Ditch camp, along with the multi-coloured buses and vans.

During her last depression, Plath had many reasons for feeling down.Yet all this was not in itself sufficient to push her to suicidal depression, Horder believes.

During the weeks before President Bill Clinton's inauguration, Maya Angelou began work at 5.Although public poetry is often a doomed commodity, her inauguration poem 'On the Pulse of Morning' managed to avoid the usual pitfalls (strained sentiment, pomposity) by its resolute simplicity.

He said 'Not if I have anything to do with it, I'll send you to America if you'll go'.I said 'OK, send me, see if I care'.

Tom Stoppard's new-look Travesties (RSC, Barbican) restates the revolutionary artist debate in bold, surreal terms.These disappear to reveal the pure white fragility of the room where Henry Carr, the British Consular official, is enmeshed with his famous contemporaries in a brilliant rewrite of The Importance of Being Earnest.

At Tuesday night's premiere, I was enthralled by Trevor Nunn's witty and transparent production, set in Mark Thompson's handsome, curving creamy country mansion, but frankly perplexed.A discussion about carnal embrace was the play's starting point.