Legend has it that once, at a dismally inept amateur boxing match in Hull, Philip Larkin turned to his neighbour with the words "Only connect.His poetry, though we are used to it now, is full of explicit aggression against the idea of poetry itself.

More than 50,000 people are expected at the annual Glastonbury Festival.Each year the festival survives, so with costs going up by 45% annually Eavis says he cannot see the event continuing beyond 1988.

The convoy outcasts sheltering on a Somerset farm started to break camp yesterday by agreement after the owner gained a High Court order to repossess his land.Mr Michael Eavis, owner of Worthy Farm, Pilton, near Glastonbury , said yesterday that he had been forced to seek the court order to safeguard the annual CND rock festival next week.

Derek Jarman, the film maker, has been short-listed for the £10,000 Turner prize, the annual award to the person judged to have made the greatest contribution to British art.This year Jarman came under attack from the pro-censorship lobby who complained that two of his earlier films screened on Channel 4, Sebastiane and Jubilee, were obscene.

Occasionally the crowd passed back over their heads the limp, sprawling bodies of those who had fainted.In the Speakers' Forum a woman, in a headscarf and skirt, was addressing the subject of Sex and Relationships in the Age of Aquarius.