Sid Vicious, the British punk rock star, died yesterday in New York after taking an overdose of heroin.The body was discovered by Miss Robinson and Sid Vicious' mother, Ann Beverly.

He leaves behind that image and leaves with it 400 songs and sales of over 260 million records that vary almost ridiculously in quality and style, but have left the myth and enigma intact.2 the "B" sides and the set runs from Heartbreak Hotel in 1958 to Kentucky Rain in 1970.

The two men, David Martin and Johnny Fewings, refused to take down the record displays after being warned by police, according to a record company spokesman.Al Clarke, press officer for Virgin Records, said: "The LP was released 11 days ago.

The car was driven down Elvis Presley Boulevard at about 3:30 a.past several people waiting outside the mansion.

Stunned reaction in Britain followed the announcement of Elvis Presley's death last night.Mr Rodney Burbeck, a London executive of RCA, his record company said: "He was the greatest.

Mark Chapman, who had pleaded guilty at a previous hearing to the murder of John Lennon, was sentenced here yesterday to 20 years to life.He said there was no question of Chapman's criminal responsibility.

Ambulance personnel tried to resuscitate the singer as he was being rushed to hospital but Presley's personal physician, Dr George Nichopoulos, pronounced him dead.Parker becoming his manager in November 1955, the young Presley had won his first six gold discs and an international reputation as the most dangerous thing to hit civilisation since the atom bomb.

Howard Hodgkin's painting last night won the £10,000 Turner Prize.Sir Richard Attenborough, reading the citation at the Tate Gallery, praises the work, entitled A Small Thing but My Own as "a substantial body of work that shows continuing vitality and an unswerving vision.

Of all the petty actions by this Government, meanwhile, the refusal to reimburse the VAT occuring from the Ethiopian charity record stands in a penny pinching class of its own.The record, 'Do they know it's Christmas,' pop altruism at its best, soared straight to the top of the hit parade.

A biography was brought out last year by two French women academics which de Beauvoir reviewed herself.For him, women's rights were a bit of a joke.